Framing the Dialogue

A Grubbier Gruber

imageThe media, at least those on the right, are voraciously digging into The Gruber and his wagging tongue. As you may know a case will be heard in the U.S.Supreme Court regarding whether the government can offer subsidies from health insurance exchanges set up by the federal government. These subsidies are the backbone of Obamacare. There’s just one thing in the way. Well there are many things, but this one seems to finally have traction. The Act specifically states that only exchanges set up by states can offer subsidies.

The Grubber (Gruber) has been making the circuit claiming that this is a simple typographical error. You know the kind we stupid Americans would make. Unfortunately for The Grubber he is tape saying that this was intentional.

Unfortunately I have to agree with Grubber. The lack of economic intelligence of the average American is sadly dismal. This ignorance is deplorable and the fact that folks don’t stive to learn is something I cannot understand. To me it’s the “fool me twice” thing. That being said it is heinous for Politicians to exploit this weakness rather than take the time to educated the people they work for. It is sicker still the the media allows, no supports, this crap.

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