Framing the Dialogue

A Dark and Stormy Murder

My wife and I traveled to Bermuda this spring.  We went in early spring before peak time on the island to help make the trip more affordable.  My trip was enhanced greatly when I discovered what some noted was the tiny country’s national drink, The Dark and Stormy (Goslings Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer).  I’m going to have one tonight.  When I see a novel called A Dark and Stormy Murder I just have to read it right?

No exotic foreign countries, no beautiful ocean views, and no adult beverages from tropical places in this book.  Author Julia Buckley introduces us to a young woman, Lena London, who is looking for something…purpose, work, a break in her literary career when she gets an opportunity to be an assistant to a famous mystery writer.  Her first days on the job bring her into a real mystery when she finds a body on the beach near her employers home.

” I drove to Blue Lake one week later. Camilla Graham had informed me that, if in fact we felt we were well suited to working together, it would be best if I lived in her residence, as our working hours might vary.”

While this is not a “cozy mystery” in name, that is the best way to describe the book.  Very enjoyable, some mystery, a bit of violence, but overall just cozy.

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