Framing the Dialogue

A Chain of Thunder

chain of thunder“When the sun went down, the shelling began again, the civilian moving inside again quickly, but she remained outside the cave, watched the red streaks, heard the thumps and distant thunder, and noticed now for the first time that something was missing.  What had been done to James’ best friend was an act of raw desperation repeated in the town, and all throughout the cave-spotted hills.  Until now, every time the shells came, it had been the same, the whistle and shriek of mortars and cannon fire answered by a scatter chorus of howling dogs.  But tonight there were no howls, no response at all to the steel and fire from the sky.  There were no longer any dogs.”

Author Jeff Shaara, in A Chain of Thunder, recounts the Civil War actions around the siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi.  As usual Shaara uses the experiences of characters who are caught up in the drama…some by choice as soldiers or officers and others who happened to live in the besieged city.  Jeff Shaara, as usual, tries to be historically accurate and I enjoy learning the smaller details of the battle for Vicksburg that aren’t found in larger accounts of the Civil War.

I have come to expect much from this author and his books and he has yet to disappoint.  A Chain of Thunder is another well written “novel” and I look forward to Shaara’s next work.

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