Framing the Dialogue

A Brewing Storm

brewing storm 1“First, I want you to track down these bastards, and then, I want you to kill every one of them.  I’m not worried about you reading them their legal rights and arresting them and getting them some fast-talking lawyer, whose going to bottle this up in some long, drawn-out trial.  I want them dead.  I want you to get it done before…”

In A Brewing Storm we are introduced to “retired” CIA operative Derrick Storm.  Storm gets involved in trying to solve the kidnapping of a very powerful politician’s relative.  Oh and that powerful person wants results, not lawfulness.  As storm wades into the mire he discovers that there may be a lot more to this crime than a simple kidnapping.

This book is called a “short” and it is more than a short story though certainly less than a full novel, but novelist Richard Castle.  The story is interesting though due to its length, none of the characters are really developed.  Though it was an entertaining read and the main story is resolved this is certainly a lead in to the next chapter…er book.

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