Framing the Dialogue

A Blaze of Glory

“one hundred thousand troops face one another, at a cost of twenty-four thousand casualties.  And yet, because of the vast distance from the great media centers, particularly in the North, few newspaper reporters are on the field to tell that story…there are virtually no photographs taken of the aftermath of the Shiloh battlefield at all.  Thus, in April 1862, our nation suffers its most costly military disaster to that time, a tragedy that many, particularly in the North, are hardly even aware of.”

– – Jeff Shaara

As someone who fancies himself as sort of a Civil War buff I have to grudgingly admit to knowing virtually nothing about the Battle of Shiloh.  The torments that U.S. soldier on both sides endured in the battle is typical of many Civil War battles only on a much grander scale.  I hesitate to call it “grander” since these pitched battles are not really something grand, but a life-or-death struggle to survive.  In A Blaze of Glory Jeff Shaara teaches us the history using voices of the men who fought and died on that battlefield.  You’ll meet some familiar peole like U.S. Grant and Nathan Bedford Forrest and a few you hadn’t.  Not all were heroes, not all survived, but all played an important part in this epic battle.


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