Framing the Dialogue

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One of Us Is Lying

Not sure how to describe this other than The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars.  I’ve watched the first and seen enough of the latter to know the premise.  In One of Us Is Lying, five classmates find themselves in detention.  When one of them dies, the others are immediate suspects.  Most have secrets and motive to have killed the student who post stories about fellow students, though true, often lead to dire consequences. The students forge an unlikely friendship to try to solve the mystery.

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery

“So you’re moving to Mount Polbearne?” she said, trying to keep her voice light and pleasant. Malcolm rolled his eyes. “Well, I’ll be in and out, yeah. Till I get things shipshape, know what I mean? No more slacking, huh?  But I’m pretty busy. And I don’t want to get buried alive in this hole.” This seemed an awkward thing to say at his aunt’s funeral, but Polly didn’t mention it. “So are you leaving a job to come, or . . .” Malcolm looked bullish. “Uh, no, I’m kind of between things right now. I’m like a consultant? On lots of different stuff?”  “Okay,” said Polly. But she didn’t feel like it was okay at all.”

The Templar Legacy

Cotton Malone is a former U.S. Operative turned book store owner in Europe.  He finds himself drawn back into that life when his former boss finds herself embroiled with unknown forces while she’s in Copenhagen following a trail that her deceased and estranged husband left behind.  Both find themselves caught between rival religious factions.

“He palmed the stock, finger on the trigger, and brought out the gun, shielding it with his thigh. He’d not held a weapon in more than a year. It was a feeling he’d thought part of his past, one he hadn’t missed. But a man leaping to his death had grabbed his attention, so he’d come prepared. That was what a good agent did, and one of the reasons he’d served as the pallbearer for a few friends instead of being hauled down the center aisle of a church himself.”