Framing the Dialogue

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Killer Ambition

“I’m a big believer in the public’s right to know, so if anyone wants to sit in and watch a trial, I’m all for it. What I’m not in favor of is spin. And spin is all you get when the media jumps in. Lawyers who are third-rate on their best day and have never tried a lawsuit get “face time” to pontificate endlessly—and worse, misleadingly—about every facet of the case. As a result, the public’s right to know becomes the talking heads’ right to misinform. And then there are the stealth commentators: the lawyers and experts who are working for the defense but don’t admit it. They get on camera and present themselves as neutral observers, when all along they’re just stumping for their side of the lawsuit.”

The Last Kingdom

In the backdrop of the Danes regularly invading British soil we follow the life of English-born, turned adopted Dane, turned British, turned Dane, Uthred…you get the picture.  The Amazon summary compares this novel to Game of Thrones and to an extent it is of that ilk, without the dragons.  Uhtred, though a lord, is separated from his rightful land and his life becomes one of survival as he both fights for the Danes and against them as he longs to regain his life.