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The Rescue

The Rescue in the first in the Ryan Decker series by Steven Konkoly.  Decker, a former CIA operative, and colleagues started an organization to help recover kidnapping victims.  When a high profile case goes awry and he is convicted, he loses everything, including his family.  Just trying to survive in prison, he is suspicious when he is suddenly released.  Relying on his skills and help from an unlikely source, he survives the first hours after his release…allowing him to investigate the case where everything went wrong.  He is pitted against very powerful and wealthy people.

Monty Python Speaks

My love of Monty Python was born of trying to pull in the show on the 12 inch television in my bedroom, late at night (at least it seemed that way to me) using rabbit ears antennae and gobs of aluminum foil.  During these formative years, there were only three network over-the-air, network channels and at night we could pull in the local PBS station where Python was aired in the evenings.  I sat there grasping the antennae in very odd angles to get the best reception.  Cable TV is waaaay easier, but I wouldn’t change my experience or my love of Monty Python.

The Pope of Palm Beach

“Most of the kids didn’t know the surfer’s first name, which was Darby. But his last name really was Pope. They all simply called him by his nickname. The Pope of Palm Beach.”

The Pope of Palm Beach is the 21st in the Serge Storms novels.  I’ve not read any of the other books, but the theme seems to be Serge and his sidekick, Coleman, searching for Floridian lore.  This trip takes them back to Riviera Beach where they spent some of their youth.  The Pope is a legendary surfer who is beloved.  He takes a troubled kid under his wing until a tragic accident changes everything.  The Serge/Coleman portion is them taking a literary tour of that part of Florida.

Bloodsucking Fiends

Imagine waking up under a dumpster, disheveled, arm burned, seriously thirsty…oh and having superhuman strength.  The burn from an arm being left out in the sun…though not sunburned.  Jody was made a vampire by a very old beast that felt lonely and his presence puts her in danger as he tests her ability to survive in her new form.  Jody is forced to learn very quickly or perish so she enlists the help of an overnight grocery clerk, C. Thomas Flood.