Framing the Dialogue

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Looking Glass

This is the second in Andrew Mayne’s Naturalist series and it lives up to the first novel.  In Looking Glass, Cray is still recovering from the fallout and injuries from his first investigation when he is visited by the father of a missing child who wants Cray to find his child or at least what happened to his child.  The local police are only seeming to look into quick solutions and not an “urban legend” called the Toy Man.  Prof. Cray again seems in almost as much danger from law enforcement as he is from a serial killer.

The Naturalist

In The Naturalist, we meet Professor Theo Cray, who is a computational biologist.  His claim to “fame” is the creation of a computer model which looks for trends using biological data to predict.  On a field trip to Montana, he finds himself drawn into an investigation into the killing of one of his former students.  He is first a suspect, then a pariah when his theory goes against law enforcement’s conventional wisdom.  Neither is a great position to be in when you are an outsider.