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Union Pacific

A colleague of mine likes westerns and I’ve noticed a number of Zane Grey novels in his office over the years.  I’d never been so inclined until I found one that sounded interesting, Union Pacific and modestly priced.  I guess that I characterize this as a western love story set in the backdrop of the construction of the Union Pacific railroad.

“The wonderful idea of the uniting of East and West by a railroad originated in one man’s brain and he lived for it. Later, one by one, other men divined and believed despite doubt and fear, until the day arrived when Congress put the government of the U.S., the Army, and a group of frock-coated directors with gold back of General Lodge, and bade him build the road.”

Up Jumps the Devil

“The guests were always different, and always kind of the same. They might be rich or poor. They were always surprised by the lights and cameras. They always seemed a little scared of John Scratch, whom they recognized because, like everyone, they had seen his show. His wonderful, terrible show…’Hand me those napkins,” he said, coughing blood. “I’m trying not to bleed on the leather.” He’d been shot before. In fact, there were very few things that had not happened to him, because John Scratch really was the Devil. The actual Devil. In a limo with Jenna Steele, a bag of Mexican weed, and six bullets in him.”

A Dark and Stormy Murder

My wife and I traveled to Bermuda this spring.  We went in early spring before peak time on the island to help make the trip more affordable.  My trip was enhanced greatly when I discovered what some noted was the tiny country’s national drink, The Dark and Stormy (Goslings Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer).  I’m going to have one tonight.  When I see a novel called A Dark and Stormy Murder I just have to read it right?

Disorganized Crime

“Are you saying …” My brain crunched the numbers while I blinked stupidly. “… mobsters took my father?”  Portland did weird better than anyone, except maybe New York, but we didn’t do organized crime of the Italian-American variety. That I knew of.

Disorganized Crime is the first in the “Kat Makris Greek Mafia Novels” and where Kat discovers that there is a link between the Mafia, Greek version, and her family.  As he hadn’t known much about her father’s family she is in for quite a whirlwind when her dad disappears.  A visit from “family members” starts her on a wild ride into her past.