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I was taking a break from some Saturday chores to call our car dealership to check on the status of some car repairs.  I spent quite a lot on Monday in both time and money only to notice on the drive home that the tire pressure light was on.  I checked the pressures and they were fine, so I called and set up an appointment for today.  While on hold I was scanning the news on Yahoo and noticed an article about the U.N. releasing a report about how bad folks have it in the United States.  You can read the full article here.

Chris Pratt

Not sure how long it will be until the Hollyweird types get to Mr. Pratt, but this speech is very well done. Should be required viewing for a lot of celebrities.

Atlas, Babylon

“Then the sound came, a long, deep, powerful rumble increasing in crescendo until the windows rattled, cups danced in their saucers, and the bar glasses rubbed rims and tinkled in terror. The sound slowly ebbed, then b1959oomed to a fiercer climax, closer.”

Written and released in 1959, Alas, Babylon was one of the first dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear war.  I wasn’t born yet, but I do remember growing up during the Cold War.  Mutually Assured Destruction was a hell of a thing to live with.  Author Pat Frank showed us how a small Florida community dealt with the aftermath of a world nuclear war.  This novel didn’t get into too much of the what/how of the actual bombs, just how this community worked to survive and hoped for the best, but were realists.


I’d read most of Ted Bell’s Alex Hawke novels, but had missed a few the past years.  When I saw Overkill at Sams Club I treated myself to the hardback.  The story had all of the main characters found in the Hawke series and even a famous Russian leader who is obviously bat-shit crazy.  You can probably guess his name.  The premise of the book with an assassination attempt, kidnapping, and general mayhem.  Hawke, of course, is in the middle of things.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Imagine a world where humans are a lower life form saved from the brink of extinction by higher life forms.  Humans are not highly regarded.  That’s the world in the “GC” where we meet the crew of the Wayfarer with a mixed crew of different species and life chaotic and crazy.  In The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet the crew’s job is to bore wormholes between different planets creating a shortcut between different worlds.  A new crew member with deep secrets has to work to fit in to the new crew and to get used to the dangerous work that they all do.