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The Sans Pareil Mystery

The Sans Pareil Mystery takes place in London during the Napoleonic War where any stranger or foreigner is already suspicious.  Detective Lavender and his constable, Woods, try to solve the mysterious murder of a young actress.  Her body was found in the remnants of a dilapidated old building, but many things were not what they seemed and what could have been an open and shut case was suddenly not.

“You really are the best detective we have when it comes to solving bizarre mysteries. The story will be round Covent Garden by now and won’t do your reputation – or ours.”

An Ace and A Pair

“We parked in the lot, and fifteen minutes later we were sitting in a secure room, waiting for Chen Zhu to be shown in. There was a loud buzz and a clang. The door opened and two guards led in a man who, even chained hand and foot, was terrifying to behold. It wasn’t just his size, though he was tall, muscular, and agile. It was his face, the complete absence of expression and the deadness of his eyes. They communicated just one thing: he could watch an unlimited amount of suffering.”

Attempting Normal

What attracted me to Attempting Normal was the book tease that noted that it was a book of “addictively funny stories” from the life of a “comedian”, Marc Maron.  I’d never heard of Marc Maron, but I was in the need of a different kind of book.  Murder mysteries and world-ending thrillers are sometime more than I can take.

The Uluru Code

The Uluru Code is the tenth in the Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thrillers and the first one that I’ve read.  Sean and his colleagues are sort of a cross between Indiana Jones and Jason Bourne; having a deep understanding of archaeology, but not afraid to kick some ass and kill folks who want to kill them.  They’ll not run away, but will run toward danger.

In this novel they are engaged in a frantic search for an ancient Aboriginal relic that purportedly has world-changing powers.  Of course there is an evil person and his hirelings also searching.  These bad guys will stop at nothing to got the “trophy”, even killing.

How to Kill Friends and Implicate Others

Imagine that you are a more than competent hit man.  You even, for an extra fee, will kill someone and frame another person for the crime.  You might imagine that it’s a rather lonely life.  Even your Mom doesn’t know what you do for a living.  You may even look to a dating website to find love.  Imagine if that love search seems like it might work until it get intertwined with your work.  Oh nad the people who hire you to kill others really don’t care about your health and would think nothing about finding others to kill you and take over your “territory”.

The Memo

So now that the “Memo” is out and the Republicans (all but the never-Trumpers) are calling fowl and the Demoncrats are throwing the kitchen sink at it to discredit it…where do we stand.  I for one don’t think anyone will pay the price for crimes that seem evident if even half of the claims in the memo are true.  That’s the problem in America today.  There seems to be an unspoken agreement between changes of power to NOT investigate or at least not to prosecute the sins of the previous administration.  The Demoncrats claimed all sorts of misdoings by the Bush administration, yet when they took power, and they had both houses of Congress, they did nothing.