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Habit Stacking

“Imagine what life would be like if you began each day with small actions that created a chain reaction of positive benefits throughout your life.”

That’s just what author S.J. Scott suggests in his book, Habit Stacking. The program in simple terms is to create stacks (or groups) of habits to create improvements in your life.  Scott advises that habit stacks, at least initially, should be rather short in duration and generally built around existing things that you do.  As an example for me is my home morning routine…you know get up shower, brush, etc.  I added a daily reading that I had been wanting to consistently do and to weigh myself daily (I need to lose a few pounds).  The stack has been effective as I even do the stack on weekends when I get to sleep in a bit.  I’ve created another stack for when I first get to work.

Ultimate Betrayal

In Ultimate Betrayal we meet David Hood from South Philadelphia who survived serving in Afghanistan and has come home to own a very successful business.  All things seem great as he marries his dream girl and they have two beautiful children.  David has struggled and has lost the belief that good will triumph. Upon the deaths of his family he is left with nothing but revenge.

“Hood was a pissant. A small businessman who had neither the skills nor the resources to go up against a powerful man. If Toney performed, Hood would be an insignificant casualty no one would miss. In the general scheme of things, a thousand Hoods would always be sacrificed so leaders could prosper. That was the natural order of the universe.”


In Shakedown , FBI Special Agent Jack Davis is trying to solve a series of seemingly drug-related murders including the murder of a very young boy and his mother.  Davis desperately tries to keep hold of the investigation while dealing with what seems like a debilitating illness that physically makes him unable to safely do his job.  He fears that his estranged daughter is somehow link to a bad cop and maybe worse.