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Get Over It

trump-winsAs I’ve watched the news, read the papers, and listened to the radio over the past week since Donald J. Trump was elected to be our next President of the United States (POTUS), a few things strike me…well more than a few, but here they go:

  1. I am still in awe about how President-elect Trump suddenly became a racist, homophobe, woman-hating, muslim bashing, red neck as soon as became a threat to actually compete for the presidency.  The guy has been in the public eye for decades and I’ve never heard a peep about how bad he is/was until he became a Republican.  Hell even most establishment Republicans were against him…and that’s why he won!

Domestic Violets

violetsI guess that I can best describe Domestic Violets as a “coming of age” novel…except the person coming of age is in his mid thirties, married with child, divorced parents.  Oh and one of them wildly famous and wild.

“I’ve done something today that everyone dreams about doing.  The difference is, I had the balls to do it, and so I am, at least for the moment, their hero, and my money is not good here.  Shots and beers and stiff drinks have accumulated in front of me at a rate I haven’t seen since my twenty-first birthday.”

Order To Kill

order-to-killThis is the first full novel written by Kyle Mills under Vince Flynn’s banner (I believe Mr. Mills helped finish the last novel as Mr. Flynn fought cancer).  I wasn’t sure what to expect and I am not sure that Mitch Rapp is quite the same as he was when Vince Flynn was the writer.  Perhaps I am looking too deep, but this Rapp is a bit edgier; if that can be possible.  Let me know when you read the part in Pakistan and the ISIS prisoner.


shift“Donald remembered running for Congress, thinking he was going to do real good for the future. And then he found himself in an office surrounded by a bewildering tempest of rules, memos and messages, and he quickly learned just to pray for the end of each day. He went from thinking he was going to save the world to passing the time until…time ran out…There had been no warning before its collapse, no increase in violence. The population graphs appeared normal.”

Prez to Illegals…Go Ahead and Vote…As Long As It’s For Hilary.

The not so funny thing about the Obama-left is that they no longer care what they say. I guess since the left-media doesn’t report what they say they don’t fear repercussions. Maybe Obama just knows the fix is in.

My prediction for the election is that regardless of who wins Obama pardons Clinton. If Clinton wins she’ll return the favor because he is up to his eyebrows in this crap.