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Understanding Where They Are Coming From

Hidden Brain logoMy previous post was a book review of The Black Widow by Daniel Silva.  The author’s Forward noted that he had written his novel which starts off with a series of terrorist attacks in France before the recent ISIS attacks.  Was he prescient or just “unlucky” in his guess.  He considered not publishing the book, but decided that it needed to be done.  The following quote from his book spoke to me regarding the latest terrorist attacks;

The Black Widow

black widow“One day, thought Gabriel, his children would ask him about the troubled young man depicted in the portrait, and about the woman who had painted it.  It was not a conversation he was looking forward to.  Already, he feared their reaction.  Would they pity him?  Would they fear him?  Would they think him a monster, a murderer?  It was no matter; he had to tell them.  It was better to hear the unhappy details of such a life from the lips of the man who had let it rather than from someone else.  Mothers often portrayed fathers in too flattering a light.  Obituaries rarely told the whole story, especially when their subjects led classified lives.”

The Doll

dollAuthor Taylor Stevens’ character Vanessa Michael Munroe, has become one of my favorite recurring “thriller” characters.  Munroe eases between male and female personalities as she goes about her job.  I’ve read several novels now and it is rather hard to describe exactly what her job is.  I guess she does the extraordinarily hard jobs that no one else can really do.  The inside book jacket of my copy of The Doll describes her as a “chameleon and hunter.”  I guess that sums it up except that I’d add that she has a side to help those who are weak and need protected AND saved.

Required Viewing – Steven Colbert

I am not a big fan of Mr. Colbert, but I give him props for “taking the gloves off” on Ms. Clinton.  Considering his audience demographics this video just shows how the younger folks really don’t trust her…they don’t trust Mr. Trump either…

The Abbot’s Agreement

abbots agreementIn the seventh book in Mel Starr’s chronicles of Hugh de Singleton, surgeon the crime-solving bailiff and surgeon discovers a body as he is traveling to Oxford.  Hugh has saved enough money to purchase a copy of a Bible for his library, but the discovery not only the body, but the evidence that the person was murdered may just keep the bailiff away from his expecting wife, home and his desired book.  In The Abbot’s Agreement the person’s identity causes the Abbot of the local abbey agrees to have his monks scribe him a copy of the Bible if he’ll agree to stay on and solve the murder.  Never one to pass up the opportunity to save some money and solve a crime puts Master Hugh in danger.

Pass More Legislation to Stop This Killer

This was my Bulls-Eye Rash. It showed up four days after I started getting sick and a day after I started treatment.

This was my Bulls-Eye Rash. It showed up four days after I started getting sick and a day after I started treatment. (FYI – It’s on my thigh)

Think about an insidious killer that you can barely see with your naked eye!  You never really know where he’ll attack or even, and this is the sick part, or even if he hit you.  It may be months before you feel his affects and by then it could be too late.  This little prick is the size of the head of a pin and sometimes no amount of care will prevent her from digging into your body.  Sure you’ve checked when you came in from the hike, but how easy is it to find an insect the size of a pencil point?  It is not.


tithe“They have brought back the Tithe, the sacrifice of a beautiful and talented mortal.  In the Seelie Court they may steal away a poet to join their company, but the Unseelie Court requires blood.”

Tithe is a “modern faerie tale” by author Holly Black written for a younger audience though there is some violence that is not appropriate for very young children.  It is a story of Kaye as she and her mother are forced to move back to New Jersey to live with her grandmother.  The three generations don’t get along well with her grandmother’s traditional ways, her mother’s wild ways, and Kaye stuck in the middle trying to find herself.  Add to that a struggle between to rival faerie kingdoms in which Kaye gets pulled into and you have Tithe.

A Terrible Book

terrible bookSo what’s not to attract you about the name of the book, A Terrible Book?  Two men who don’t really know each other except through Jack’s girlfriend, Sarah, who seems about to break up with Jack for the other guy, Brayden even though she hasn’t really seen him in years.  Don’t worry…this isn’t some soap-opera-ish novel…it’s worse!  Not for me though.


betrayal tigner“That’s not all,’ Wiley continued.  ‘Once you’ve gotten Rollins and Abrams squared away, your real job begins’  Cassi raised her chin.  ‘You’re to use that profile to anticipate the assassin’s moves…and lure him into a trap.”

Cassi and Odysseus Carr are brother and sister and both work for the FBI.  In Tim Tigner’s Betrayal, Cassi is a profiler and works on the hostage rescue team and happens to date a man with aspirations of higher office.  Odi is a bomb expert who also does special ops for the government.  Their paths and careers cross when one of Odi’s operations goes awry and he is presumed dead.  Cassi is tasked with stopping a diabolical assassin who has been killing defense contractor CEOs.  This is no easy task until she spots him and her world turn upside down.  both of their worlds are jolted when they discover a plot that will make 9/11 seem small!

The Tide Washed Her Away

tide washed her awayIn The Tide Washed Her Away a “prodigal daughter” returns home and though an only child her former friends are the ones who have angst at her return.  Jessica struggles to find herself and reconnect with girlfriends that she seemingly turned her back on when she moved to New York City.  Her first stop is to a party where she was invited, but not really expected to attend.  It didn’t go well!