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The Last Minute

last minuteIn the second in the Jeff Abbott’s Sam Capra series, Capra realizes that he is a chess piece and unfortunately he doesn’t know who is making the moves and they seem to be, like all great chess players, a few moves ahead of him.  He has become a rather wealthy bar owner and working for Mila, but he still doesn’t really know who she is or who she is working for.  He still desperately wants to believe that his son is still alive somewhere and desires nothing more than to get him back…though he never really had him.  While following a lead he is given a choice, no a chance to get his son, Daniel, back.  He just has to do something unfathomable.  What would you do to save your child?


adrenalineThis is the first in the Sam Capra thriller series and it really lived up to its title, Adrenaline , for me.  Sam Capra is a CIA agent stationed in England (unbeknownst to the British).  What started as a normal day doesn’t end that way as Capra’s life is upended and he finds himself alone and searching for answers and loved ones.  Unfortunately for Sam there are nasty people searching for him and he cannot trust anyone;

Rest Not In Peace

rest not in peaceIn the sixth novel in the Hugh de Singleton, surgeon series, Rest Not in Peace , de Singleton must use all of his skills to clear his name this time as he is accused of a crime.  Fortunately for Master Hugh many people at the castle believe him innocent, but he still must solve the crime so that his name is clean.

“There must be other reasons me do murder.’  ‘I believe there are but three,’ I said.  ‘A man has what another many wants, and is slain for it.  Or, a man has what another man wants, and murders the other to keep it.  Or revenge…to requite some injury…when I learn the reason I will have the felon.”

What On Earth Have I Done?

In Wwhat on earthhat On Earth Have I Done? author Robert Fulghum provides a plethora of “stories, observations, and affirmations.”  He leads an interesting life between Crete, Seattle, and the Moab Desert though I generally like this format of “short” essays, I found this book a little flat and not that entertaining.  He did have one chapter titled “The List” that caught my eye as I tell my kids that I keep a list of things they do/did.  You can decide whether it’s a good list or a not-so-good list.  Fulghum’s list contains “conversation lifeboats”;

  1. Do you know any silly tricks?