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Greens Keeper

mowerWhen my wife and I purchased our house nearly thirty years ago we wanted out of the city and into a good school district in which to raise our children.  That house came with about a fourth of an acre of lawn to care for, but hey I was young and it good exercise right? 

The Matchmaker’s Playbook

matchmakerIn The Matchmaker’s Playbook a promising NFL draft pick is injured in an off field accident and must face a life without football.  To his credit he returns to college to get his degree.  Ian, however, enlists his brilliant and equally studly friend, Lex, to create Wingman, Inc. where they embark on a mission to help lonely or shy or backward women attract the men of their dreams.  In general these women have a guy in mind and the Wingmen just help them get their attention…oh and they generally transform the women into sexual beings.

Blood Defense

blood defenseSamantha Brinkman is a struggling defense attorney representing less than stalwart clients juggling bill payments and nursing a very old car even though she’s had courtroom success.  In Blood Defense, her long-time best friend and office partner is pushing her to go after the accused murderer of a semi-famous starlet…even before the perp is arrested and charged.  It would be the type of case that would put her practice on the map and bring in some much needed income.  The news leaks and the suspect is a surprise.  Will Brinkman get the case?  It would be a pretty short book if she didn’t wouldn’t it?

In Good Faith

Good faithIn the second book in the Joe Dillard series, In Good Faith, author Scott Pratt, brings us back into the attorney’s life after he finally found, perhaps his innocent client at the end of the last novel.  Dillard has retired, but is restless and needs to get back to something.  He and his wife don’t really need the income, but he needs to do something.  He had wanted to be a prosecutor, but the lure of the money early in his career pushed him into the world of criminal defense.  He and his wife finally decided that it was time he did want he always wanted to do.

An Innocent Client

innocent clientIn the first in the series featuring defense lawyer Joe Dillard we find him near the end of his rope (i.e. career) even though he is fairly young.  A bit tired of representing scumbags and lowlifes he has just one wish and that is to represent…An Innocent Client.  He wouldn’t mind one who paid him well either.

Burglars Can’t Be Choosers

burglers“I turned the knob, eased the heavy door inward half an inch or so.  My blood was really up now.  You never know for certain what’s going to be on the other side of the door.  That’s one of the things that makes it exciting, but it also makes it scary, and it’s still scary no matter how many time you’ve done it.  Once the lock’s open, though, you can’t do it an inch at a time like an old lady slipping into a swimming pool.  So I pushed the door open and went inside.”

The Color of Magic

color of magicIn The Color of Magic we are transported (not really) to a fictional world that may be a cross between the wild west, the middle ages and Monty Python (without the humor).  A local wizard named Rincewind, who has no discernable wizarding skills, is obliged to keep a tourist, Twoflower, with a luggage full of gold alive as he tours discworld…a planet that no one ever and I mean EVER tours.  Fending off many who want the gold and don’t care how they get the gold, Rincewind is put to the test many times over.

Catch Me If You Can

catch me if you canThis autobiography,Catch Me If You Can, by Frank Abagnale is his remarkably true story of how he conned his way across the world as a teenager…often literally one step ahead of the authorities.  The story is remarkable in that he started his life-of-crime at the tender age of sixteen and was contemplating retirement to Brazil (no extradition to the United States) before he could legally drink.  Once you get past the fact that he was a thief you come to see his brilliance, his audacity, his luck, his stupidity, and even his honor code (he never ripped off an individual – except for one and it’s so funny that you’ll just have to read the story to enjoy it yourself).

Deliver Us From Evil

deliver us“Mallory had used great care in vetting all of the people who worked here.  There were no formal recruitments, of course. One couldn’t put an advertisement in the paper seeking justice-minded vigilantes comfortable with killing folks who desperately deserved it.”

Deliver Us from Evil is author David Baldacci’s second in the “Shaw series” (I only put it in quotes as I don’t think it is a true series as it seems to have stopped after three novels).  In this story Shaw finds himself on the hunt for a really bad man which leads him to a serene little town in France and into the arms of a beautiful woman…a woman who seems intent on getting in his way and needing his protection.  This is making his task more dangerous and forcing him to take his eye off of the prize…a dangerous thing when trying to catch a very dangerous man.

The Enemy of My Enemy…

russian soldierI know that many of our American soldiers do great things every day.  This story of a young Russian is, however, too powerful not to pass along.  The young man was in Syria calling in air strikes on ISIS murderers when he was surround by the murderous thugs.  The following is his communication thread with his command;

Officer: They are outside, conduct the airstrike now, please hurry, this is the end, tell my family I love them and I died fighting for my motherland.

Command: Negative, return to green line.