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bittersweet“Sue Ellen joined in with tales about growing up in Utopia, which made us all shake our heads and laugh.  The town’s name might summon images of the ideal life, but the place itself sounded very much like every other small town in Texas, a mix of the good, the bad and the simply weird.”

In Bittersweet China and her family are planning to meet at her mother’s ranch in Utopia for Thanksgiving.  Thinks change as Sam, China’s father-in-law, has had a heart attack and her mother is less than forthcoming about his condition.  This comes on top of their plans to open an eco-tourism lodge and China wonders how they’ll cope with the extra work at their age and with Sam’s questionable health.  Oh and there is a murder to solve.

The Columbus Affair

columbus affairDespair has gotten the best of former investigative reporter Tom Sagan.  Just before he takes action he is interrupted and is cast into a journey started hundreds of years ago by a rather famous sailor.  Is this enough to keep him going; to try to get back his new life?  Never very far from danger as he attempts to figure out the pieces of a puzzle left by an ancestor as he hops across continents in search of “treasure” in The Columbus Affair .

“Come, he said to the others. ‘Let us pray that the secret of this day will long stay hidden.”

The Devil’s Waters

devils waters“The PJs’ rescue missions were most often ODA teams, CIA, Special Forces, SEALS, direct action commandos, or any covert operative engaged in recon and intel, counterterrorism, or unconventional warfare.  When these black operatives found themselves in sudden need of rescue from a blown cover, unexpected resistance, wounds, dangerous weather, even fatigue, they called for the PJs.”

The Last Town

last town“We are the last of our kind, a colony of human beings from the early twenty-first century.  We live in the mountains of what was once Idaho, in a town called Wayward Pines.  Our coordinates are 44 degrees, 13 minutes, 0 seconds North, and 114 degrees, 56 minutes, 16 seconds West.  Is anybody out there?”


waywardIn Blake Crouch’s second novel in the Wayward Pines series, Wayward, Ethan Burke has gone from the edge of death by neighbor to the sheriff and the one responsible for keeping order and by keeping order that means keeping folks in line.  And keeping them in line by any means necessary.  Blake is conflicted as he struggles with how he really feels working for David Pilcher in order to survive in Wayward Pines.


pinesImagine waking up in an unknown place; you are obviously seriously hurt or at least had be recently.  You are not sure who you are, but you find yourself in an idyllic small town.  You are hungry but you have no money, no wallet, no identification and your head screams from the headache growing inside.  As your memory comes fittingly back you start to retrace your steps and are met with what seems like passive aggressive uncooperativeness bordering on hostility.  In Pines, Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke has come to Wayward Pines in search of two colleagues who have gone missing.  They were last heard from in this small town in Idaho.


capture“Seaside used to be home.  Now?  It held just about every bad memory it could.  Because everywhere I walked.  I saw my parents and every time I closed my eyes, I woke up thinking they were still alive.  Only to realize within a few seconds that it wasn’t just a bad dream – they were dead.”

The Little Beach Street Bakery

beach street bakeryPerhaps the first, most important thing to know about Little Beach Street Bakery is that contrary to the title and the delicious cover art this is not a cookbook.  The book follows a period in Polly Waterford where her life is falling apart and she needs to find a different place to live…one that is cheap enough for her to actually be able to afford.  She winds up in a small island along the Cornish coast and rents an apartment above a dilapidated, closed bakery.

The Master Magician

master magician

Ceony Twill returns as perhaps The Master Magician with a powerful secret she has learned during her battle and killing of Grath Colbalt.  She has recovered from her injuries and has a strong personal relationship and is preparing to take her tests to become a Magician.  Her mentor, Magician Emory Thane, has decided that another Folder should administer her exam to avoid any appearance of conflict should she pass with him as her examiner.  She understands, but becomes concerned when the examiner actually despises Thane and she is concerned that she will not get a fair test.  Oh and there is a Excisioner out to kill her and her loved ones.