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Master of Formalities

master of formalities“The cultures of the different worlds had grown so distinct that interplanetary communication was becoming impossible.  Our job was to keep them from offending one-another in order to prevent pointless conflict.  We may have broadened our scope a bit since then, but that is the core of our job, and do it solely by talking to our leaders.  If we ever gave them a reason to stop listening to us, we’re finished.  Understand?”

John Dies At The End

john dies in the endSo I had to ask my niece whether John actually dies at the end in John Dies at the End.  She wouldn’t tell me and I guess you’ll have to read this novel to find out yourself.

I am not quite sure how to describe this book.  Bizarre would be apt.  More than an apt description.  It was certainly entertaining and did I mention bizarre?  I am not sure that I have ever read a book quite like it. David Wong’s book was described by others as both humorous and horrific which pretty much hits it on the nose.  I was never quite sure what was going to happen next and in the vein of horror novels of the macabre the author was able to pull from his obvious fertile imagination to create a scene.  He also favored us with perhaps the longest epilogue that I have ever read.


catalyst“And if one organism had evolved into a nearly perfect killer, it’s very existence suggested there could be another, somewhere, that had evolved into the perfect healer.  An organism whose existence was as much an anomaly as the machineel tree.  And she thought she’d found it.  No she was sure she had found it.”

 Catalyst is the third in Michael C. Grunley’s Breakthrough series where scientists are forging a path a path to communicate with other mammals.  Adventures continue in the Caribbean, China, and South America as teams race to discover the secrets of the dolphin “heads,” to recover the Chinese theft, and attempt to recover the unusual primate in the South American jungle before others can.

America’s Discontent

youre welcomeSome post State-Of-The-Union notes from a local newspaper columnist, Salena Zito…

“Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction,’ he [Obama] said. He shamelessly went on to embellish statistics, claiming 14 million new jobs, including 900,000 manufacturing jobs.  Afterward, FactCheck.orgshowed that it’s more like 9 million jobs, many of them lower-paying service jobs. And, over Obama’s time in office, manufacturing jobs have plummeted by 230,000.  In short, if you “made” something in the Obama economy, you lost your job; if you “served” someone, you got a job — but probably needed two, so you could make ends meet.”


leapIn Michael C. Grumley second in the Breakthrough series, IMIS (InterMammal Interpretive System) has been expanded not only to a more portable system, but to the beginnings of working with a rescued gorilla named Dulce.  In Leap the main characters are back as a mysterious discovery is made in South America putting the world’s superpowers on the verge of war.  Should the discovery fall into the wrong hands, not just the enemies hands, the consequences will be dire.

This was another enjoyable novel by Mr. Grumley.  Maybe not edge of my seat, but I am currently reading the third in the series and I don’t usually read three in a row like this.


breakthroughA group of researchers in Florida are working with Sally and Dirk for five years to try to get them to talk or at least understand their language.  Sally and Dirk are dolphins.  The researchers have been recording and compiling the clicks and utterances of the mammals for years creating a catalogue that will hopefully be used to translate.  Their Breakthrough comes just in time perhaps to save the Earth as other-worldly forces seem to be at work that will cause a natural disaster.  The researchers join forces with two former Navy SEALs in their race against time and hawkish government officials itching to pull the trigger unleashing forces without knowing the full consequences.

The Innocent

innocentIn the first of the Will Robie thrillers, The Innocent, Robie path is crossed with a young lady who throws him off of his game after he could not go through with a hit that he was ordered to complete,  He cannot bring himself to leave her behind.  Their paths are intertwined though he is not sure why or even if it is just a coincidence.  Their lives are at risk and he has to fend off a determined FBI agent also trying to solve a series of murders.  He is used to the chess game of his profession, but he is not sure whether he is playing or is a piece being manipulated.  Robie’s enemies always seem to be one step ahead.


Let this statistic sink in from the Pew Foundation:

“Shifting demographics nationwide are changing the face of American employment. Immigrants make up 13 percent of the population and 17 percent of the workforce.”

I don’t think they braeak down legal versus illegal immigrants or how many of the immigrants are citizens, but here is some information on where they work;


…and there are nearly 95 MILLION Americans not in the work force;


Split Second

spit secondA brilliant physicist’s fiancé is thrust into a tumultuous battle; barely escaping with her life.  Her survival instincts kick in and she now enlists the help of former special forces and current private investigator, Aaron Blake.  In Split Second these two people are both running from and trying to find out who is trying to capture or kill them.  They possess a secret new discovery made by her fiancé that two seemingly equally powerful groups want to get their hands on and will stop at nothing to get them.


sprinkledIn Sprinkled we know by the subtitle that “heroine” Lacey Luzzi’s “Family” is non other that a Mafia Family.  Her mother it turns out didn’t want Lacey to be involved in the family business, but after her death Lacey reconnected with her grandfather who is a very important man and she agrees to work for him on a contract basis.  More of an investigative role and he pays her well for her efforts.  In Sprinkled, author Gina LaManna has Lacey searching for one her grandfather’s missing shipments…a very valuable shipment.