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Life With No Breaks

life no breaksIf you read my post and particularly my book reviews you may have noticed that this is my third book by Nick Spalding in a row.  I’ve rather enjoyed his humorous novels at a time when some light reading was called for.  In Life… With No Breaks , Spalding’s goal is to write a book in one sitting.  He did it!

Spalding covers many topics…some funny some more personal and touching.  Overall he is an entertaining writer and this will probably be my last book of his that I’ll read.  I was very disappointed to read this part of the book as he talks about Americans being his favorite foreign people;

Blue Christmas Balls

blue ballsSo right off this is NOT one for the kids!  I would even go so far as to say it’s probably not even ones for most ladies.

“I will have sex this Christmas.  I bloody well will.  As God is my witness, I will insert my {blank} into a member of the opposite sex for the first time in my 27 years on this planet, or my name isn’t Matthew Adrian Bunion.”

Bricking It

bricking itIn Bricking It we meet a brother and sister, Hayley and Danny, who have inherited a grand old country home from their grandmother.  The siblings are not quite on their right life paths and while it would seem a great inheritance, the home is in need of a little love and a lot of money.  They are faced with the options of a quick sale for a small profit or borrowing a tidy sum and returning the grand structure to its former glory.  Unfortunately, they never even knew their grandmother owned this property or what that old glory was.  Their humorous journey as they learned about themselves, their grandmother and Pat the cow provides much entertainment.

The King of Taksim Square

king of taksimÇaÄŸlar is just another apathetic teenager in Turkey.  He is, however very obsessed with his nine-year-old sister, ÇiÄŸdem.  He has been working with her as she learns to impersonate dancing like Michael Jackson.  When his initial attempts to broker her fame on national television do not succeed he decides to do what all fame-seeking teens do…put up a video on YouTube.  He soon finds that since he is not the only teen seeking fame, even though it’s not for himself, he needs to record his sister’s performance in a way that grabs attention and YouTube views.  Oh and his sister is just a wee bit precocious.

After Alice

after alice

“Until now, Ada had been drifting through this unusual day with disregard for what she’d left behind and for what might lie ahead.  Had it occurred to her to ask the question -  what is this adventure like? – she might have concluded that her visit seemed like a story or a dream.  In any case, it didn’t correspond to life as she had known it so far.”