Framing the Dialogue

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Right to Abort

texasAre you like me and getting tired of the incessant fight from folks who seem driven to kill unborn babies.  No matter how they want to frame the act as “right to choose” it’s still abortion…killing an unborn child.  I’ve heard pro-life pundit predict that history will look back on this period as a very dark period where millions and millions of babies were killed.  Think of how we now look back on slavery.  While I am not trying to equate the two, but you have to admit that ripping out a living child to end its life is at least as bad as slavery.

Hour Game

Hour GameIn the Hour Game a small town is gripped with a series of murders investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are asked to help unravel the clues left by the diabolical killer.  As the national media descend upon the tiny hamlet of Wrightsburg, Virginia there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for the killings.

“He flicked a good-bye wave to the clueless soccer mom.  Maybe I’ll be seeing you if you’re extremely unlucky.  He checked his watch:  three potential potentials in less than twenty minutes.  He breathed in the fresh air of the prosperous town of Wrightsburg, a town that had suffered a trio of brutal killings in quick succession.  Well, they hadn’t seen anything yet.”

How To Be Right

how to be rightIn How To Be Right author Greg Gutfeld offers his take on “the art of being persuasively correct.”  Gutfeld’s take is to use humor as part of your arsenal (I’m not sure I am allowed to use weaponry terms here) to defeat progressives.  He spends time discussing how liberals use language to set the tone of an argument…or framing the dialogue.  Hmmm, that would be a great name for a blog.  Aside from the shameless self-promotion, that thinking was behind the impetus for this website.  I just go so tired of Conservatives starting their debate after accepting the premise of liberals.  I still drives me nuts.  Conservative can still win, but why start the battle from the low ground (more military allegories here) by accepting the lefty premise?

What’s In A Lie?

So if a person tells a lie, does that make HER a liar?  Liberal media curmudgeon, Charlie Rose, doesn’t seem to comprehend the concept and most discouraging to him is that Senator Marco Rubio won’t back down like most Republicans…

Here & There

“Words build ideas, ideas build ideologies, ideologies build nations.  The Reidier test, could render all of this meaningless.”

here and thereKerek Reidier, a physicist and researcher, has made inroads into a area that could only be imagined played out in science fiction television shows.  Reidier’s work naturally has gained the attention of people who would like to gain by his discovery.  Whether these interested parties are good or bad depends on your perspective and they will stop at nothing to control him.  Okay not so much him, but what he seems to be able to do.

Spit Hits The Fan

The latest report from the World Health Organization will make you swallow, but SHOULD you?  In a report released Monday the organization warned that there is a direct link between swallowing saliva and death.  Based on a study by 22 scientists from the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Death in Lying, France they have concluded that a lifetime of spit consumption will ultimately lead to death.

You’ve Just Been Screwed

I am not sure why so many folks have a negative view of Ted Cruz.  The more I pay attention to what this man says the more I am giving him a strong consideration as a presidential candidate.  He seems like a gentleman who has no agenda except to do what his constituents elected him to do.  He is almost as critical of his fellow Republicans as he is of the left/Democrats.  Here is his most recent speech on the floor of the Senate about the 3:00 am budget deal that essentially gave Washington a limitless credit card to grow government and spend money.  Do yourself a favor and spend the time to watch the whole thing.

Smash The Hoax

One of the more difficult issues to broach with a liberal is the topic of man-made global warming. It is perhaps the left’s most glorious achievement; the solid way they have convinced a large portion of the population that the “sky is falling.” It is even more egregious than that because those who are “skeptics” (that’s classic framing-the-dialogue) because if you don’t agree you are a “skeptic” of the “settled science” rather than someone who has an opposing view. If you are lucky, being called a skeptic is the nicest label the religion of global warming will place on your soul.