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Rising Phoenix

rising phoenix“Despite its simplicity, Hobart had never met anyone besides himself who truly grasped this philosophy and had the inner strength to live by it…Hobart saw killing as nothing more or less than an effective tool; and he used it with the thoughtless precision of a master craftsman.”

In Rising Phoenix someone comes up with a unique scheme to solve America’s drug problem.  The problem is that it is highly illegal and the enemies stack up though support is found in unlikely places as the FBI tries to find and stop the “do-gooders.”  Okay they are not all that good…just effective.

About That Fling

flingAbout That Fling was a real departure for me.  There are not any terrorists.  No one was murdered. The relationships were not based on solving a crime.  It’s a book about…relationships;

“No one gets relationships right on the first try.  We probably never get it right, when it comes down to it.  All we can do is take the lessons we’ve learned and keep moving forward.”

Jenna McArthur is stood up by a friend and meets a handsome stranger.  After a few, maybe more, drinks Jenna is thrust into a world gone crazy as she picks her way through a maze of work, love, sex, friends, family, and sanity.  Happiness seems to elude her until things come to the climax (no pun here) that I was waiting for.

Killing Reagan

killing reaganSome might be confused by the title of the latest of author Bill O’Reilly’s non-fiction books featuring the “killing” of famous figures.  So what does Killing Reagan have to do with killing or murder?  Ronald Reagan died after a prolonged fight with Alzheimer’s disease;  Not exactly “natural causes”, but nowhere near a murder.  The authors subtitle; “the violent assault that changed a presidency” is their way to look into whether the assassination attempt affected President Reagan’s health…especially his mental health.

The Survivor

survivorIt was a very sad day when I learned of the passing of Vince Flynn. He lost his fight with cancer and I had his newest novel on my wish list for a very long time.  I was heartened when I found out that there would be another Mitch Rapp novel!

In The Survivor author Kyle Mills has Rapp and the CIA racing against time when one of their own betrays them. This may be the most severe threat to the Agency has ever had and the man behind it is dead.  Rapp needs to not only stop the damage but he must also beat an unknown enemy to discover the source.  His failure would have world-wide repercussions in the world and as always he was fighting enemies at home.

Driving Heat

driving heatWhen a case hits close to home Nikki Heat struggles to solve the crime, ones she loves and maybe even herself.

“Two blocks into her drive east from the NYPL, Heat conspicuously had to tell herself to breathe.  The fifteen-minute trip to the river seemed otherworldly, a soundless voyage to the very gates of Hell, insulated from all outside stimulus.  Heat drove with her damp palms on the wheel; her lungs felt seared, and it seemed that because of some untimely breakdown of her cerebral cortex, evolved messages of reason and judgment were being skip-wired, while her amygdala up high-velocity jolts of primal darkness under the banner of ‘Coming Attractions’ – random clips from a jumpy mental snuff film that filled her with fear and hopelessness.”