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Things I Think -September 2015

This is some random things running around my brain itching to get out…

First off…Little Ahmed’s clock. Bill Maher says it best;

Second off…Hilary’s emails; all of the hoopla will amount to nothing. This is all about getting the story out of the way long before the general election. Next May she’ll be able to say it’s a vast right-winged conspiracy and we’ve been through all of that. She is Peanuts’ Lucy yanking the ball yet again away from the Republican stooges trying to play nice to the cameras. The only chink in Hilary’s armor is Obama and how much he dislikes the Clintons. He could really screw her.

Boehner Fact-Twisting

boehnerFresh off of celebrating the “retirement” of Weeper-of-the-House John Boehner I am finding it interesting the spin put on his sudden decision to “spend more time with his family.”  Okay he didn’t say that.  My guess is that he saw the handwriting (lack of support) on the wall and knew that even if he survived the attempt to dump him as the Republican House leader, he would be severely crippled.  Hell he may not have been able to help Obama reach his goals.

I often enjoy a Sunday breakfast and read the local paper.  Our “conservative” paper generally advertises their balanced news and conservative views.  This front page, above-the-fold headline caught my eye;

A Trail of Ink

trail of inkIn A Trail of Ink , Hugh de Singleton finally has the time to travel to Oxford to renew his courting of the stationer’s daughter, Kate Claxon only to find that he has a rival and a higher-born one at that.  His visit to an old friend sets him on a path to unravel another crime when he discovers that his friend has had his entire book collection stolen.  A scholar without his books is soon to be unemployed.  Even accompanied by Lord Gilbert’s squire, Arthur, there is danger at every door and Kate’s other suitor is not happy about the competition.

Deadly Intent

deadly intentDetective Anna Travis is trying to start a new life after her disastrous affair with DCI Langton.  She’s moved and she is starting at a new location with a new chief inspector.  Before Travis can even unpack she is thrust into a murder investigation and the pressure mounts as the victim is a former colleague.  As the bodies stack up the pressure mounts for the team to solve the murders.  Travis has to learn to work with a new team and her reputation to “go off on her own” precedes her.  Travis is focused on a mysterious drug dealer who has Deadly Intent and hasn’t been seen for decades and receives much criticism from her superiors and side-glances from the rest of the team.

Raging Heat

raging heat“The traffic detail chopped the air with gloved hands to keep the gawkers past the street barricade. But the would let her through.  The NYPD’s top homicide detective had a corpse to meet.”

This is the sixth novel in Richard Castle’s Nikki Heat series.  In Raging Heat , Nikki Heat seems to go against her mantra of letting the clues lead you to the perpetrator.  An influential suspect has all of Heat’s attention much to the dismay of her team, her boss, and many of those higher up in New York City’s political class.  Heat and Rook also have some rough times as Heat carries a secret that threatens to drive them apart.


xoAuthor Jeffery Deaver took me on a winding wild ride with this novel, XO. The story features a vacationing California Bureau of Investigation (“CBI”) detective Kathryn Dance as she is pulled into a sinister murder investigation related to an up-and-coming female country singer.  The main suspect is a very intelligent stalker, no he’s a brilliant stalker and hard to pin down as a suspect.  His obsession with singer Kayleigh Towne is complete, but he always stays just on this side of the law.  Towne’s music spoke to him and like stalkers are apt to think, he thought she WAS speaking to him.

Thinking As A Science

thinking“have you not often been in a waiting room or a Pullman, noticed people all about you reading and finding yourself without any reading matter, have you not wished that you had some? – something to ‘occupy your mind’? And did it ever occur to you that you had within you the power to occupy your mind, and do it more profitable than all those assiduous readers?  Briefly, did it ever occur to you to think?”

A Growing Ignorance

jobless menThe headline of the article in today’s paper was “A Growing Hunger” with a subheadline of “While jobless rates plummet, the opposite can be said of the number of people in need of food assistance.” [you can view the article here]

I will stipulate that this article was written about the growing need for many families still feeling the pinch of Obama’s recession.  I know that the article isn’t about how there really is not a recovery.  There is even mention of that;

“It doesn’t feel like the economy’s improving…It feels like it’s getting worse.” 

White Doves At Morning

white dovesAs I started to read White Doves at Morning I really didn’t think that I was going to like it even though I have enjoyed all of writer James Lee Burke’s works that I have read.  Set mostly in the South and during the Civil War and during subsequent reconstruction the novel started somewhat slow for me.  I felt the storyline was traveling down a path well trodden by many others.  But I was wrong.