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Off Kilter

off kilterCollin Cook is an average man.  He has a wife and a young family.  They struggle with bills.  They argue.  But they are happy until the unthinkable happens and everything changes.  In Off Kilter , Cook is just that as his life as he knew it is ripped away from him and he finds himself on the run.  On the run from a ruthless underworld organization; on the run from the FBI; and on the run from Interpol.  There seems to be nowhere to hide, nowhere in the world.  Cook is not a trained operative, but his life has thrust him into this world and he excels.

The Einstein Prophecy

einsteinThe Einstein Prophecy is an unusual combination featuring components of The Monuments Men and their search for historic artifacts during World War II, The Shining as evil comes to Princeton, and a race to build a nuclear bomb before the Nazi’s can complete the task.  Albert Einstein is a featured character in the novel by author Robert Masello. 

Bum Rap

bum rapAfter a modest career in the NFL, attorney Jake Lassiter has an equally modest career as a defense attorney in Miami.  In Bum Rap he is asked to defend a fellow attorney charged with murder of a Russian mobster things get interesting and dangerous.  It doesn’t help that his second chair in the defense is the very attractive girlfriend of the accused.  Although there is strong incentive to settle and take a plea bargain the defendant takes his chances in a trial.

“Honestly, I don’t know how.  Maybe film director Billy Wilder said it best.  He was talking about movie audiences, not juries, but the point holds true:  ‘Individually, they’re idiots.  Collectively, they’re a genius.”

Blue Highways

blue highways“I was going to stay on the three million miles of bent and narrow rural American two-lane, the roads to Podunk and Toonerville.  Into the sticks, the boondocks, the burgs, backwaters, jerkwaters, the wide-spots-in-the-road, the don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it towns.  Into those places where you say, ‘My God! What if I lived here!’ The middle of nowhere.”

Irreparable Harm

irreparable harmIrreparable Harm is the first in the “Sasha McCandless Legal Thrillers” by author Melissa F. Miller .  The novel was recommended by a family member mostly because it’s story was set in my hometown of Pittsburgh.  It is always a special treat when I know the area where the mystery is taking place though unless you are also from the Burgh, that wouldn’t appeal to you.

Inside, Outside

inside outside“I had been moving between two planets, the Inside and the Outside.  The horror of the Bronx Home News story was that it leaped the interplanetary void; and ‘my David,’ the synagogue paragon, was proclaimed in public print as the mental and physical giant of Townsend Harris Hall.  That was what I had to live down, unless by a miracle it escaped notice.”

Total Control

total controlIn Total Control a tragic plane crash turns attorney Sidney Archer’s world upside down.  The young mother is thrust into a world of sinister characters and where danger lurks seemingly around every corner and she is really never sure who she can trust.  A veteran FBI agent, who long ago sacrificed his marriage and his family to the “job,” is trying to help and figure out is she in innocent or part of the bizarre plot to perpetrate mass murder.  She also has to find out how her husband might have been involved and whether he is still alive.