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image“Conners sat back at her desk and looked at the three images Foreman had requested.  There was no type of man-made interference that could do that as far as she knew. Conners stared at the three pictures once more.  But something had.”

In the novel Atlantis many disparate paths cross as a growing threat is realized.  In author Bob Mayer’s world knowledge of the threat unfortunately doesn’t mean you understand the threat or where it’s coming from or what exactly the threat is or even how to stop it.  A world used to conventional warfare is ill equipped to face this enemy as it grows stronger!

Oh My…We Have A Long Way To Go

IMG_1275An article caught my eye as Pennsylvania’s new governor has floated another idea for a new tax.  He’d like to tax lottery winnings.  The Feds already tax the winnings, but apparently the state wants their piece also.  This is not an anti-tax post, but part of the newspaper article stunned me (see photograph).

Here we have a 40-something woman who claims to purchase $300.00 worth of lottery tickets every week.  Okay let me repeat that…she spends $3oo every freaking week to buy a chance to win big bucks and she seems to be driven by the fact that she won $2,500 a few years ago.  So she spends over $15,000 a year to win $2,500 every couple of years.  My God do we need to teach economics in our schools though it’s obviously far too late for this lady.

Crow Hollow

crow hollow“What in the name of all that was holy had turned Nimposet into a murderer?”

James Bailey has just returned from England on an urgent mission from King Charles and finds himself in the middle of a mystery in the prudish town of Boston around the time of the French and Indian War.  He has come to America to find out why a fellow emissary from the King was murdered, but he soon faces enemies from all sides and some that he doesn’t even know.  His unusual traveling companions help him in unforeseen ways as he discovers the truth and seeks justice in a hostile land. Crow Hollow is a compelling tale set in a time when lying could get you strapped to a post and whipped yet men will be men.  Tempers are still hot as Bailey travels through New England for the truth.  Danger is both in front of them and behind them.

No Dawn For Men

No dawn for menImagine a novel featuring J.R.R. Tolkien, dwarves, sword fighting, tall thin figures on carved out boats, and even an evil empire feeling its way across the world. No Dawn for Men even has one of the characters journeying to destroy a not so secret talisman before the evil empire can get their hands on the prize.  I know this may sound familiar and the similarities didn’t really strike me right away.  In this story the evil empire is Adolf Hitler and the roving hoard are the Nazis.  To add some spice author James Lepore included Ian Fleming as a spy from Great Britain.  Oh and there is the beautiful woman.

An Unwelcome Quest

imageThis is the third in Scott Meyer’s Magic 2.0 series about time traveling computer geeks.  These men (mostly men) stumbled upon a magical computer program that allows them to have “magical” powers and time travel…oh and never age.  One of the things they do police is the appearance of a new Wizard who must go through an apprenticeship.  Failing this they are sent back from wench they came…both local an time period and stripped of their powers and access to the Program.

In An Unwelcome Quest we learn what happens when one of the banished finds a way back into the Program and seeks his revenge.

The Line

imageEisenhower warned of it…Bill O’Reilly hinted at it in his book – Killing Patton…meant still protest about the “vast military industrial complex.”  In Bob Mayer’s novel,The Line, an unlikely group of military folks think they have uncovered a plot against the United States government or maybe even a military coup.  The small group must face off against a very powerful and secretive group.

“And do you know how many West Pointers there are working in the defense industry?  How many ring-knockers [West Point Graduates] are sitting in boardrooms of companies that supply the tools we use to fight?  And of course they justify it with reasons other than profits:  got to keep those companies in business to keep our defense industry strong.”

Memory Man

imageImagine what it’s like to be able to remember everything. We’re not talking about a good memory, but an extraordinarily detailed ability to “re-watch” something that happened yesterday, a week ago, or even twenty years ago. Oh and the bad stuff that we are able to let fade is just as vivid.  In David Baldacci’s novel, Memory Man, former detective Amos Decker has this unique ability and is faced with trying to solved a series of crimes that become very personal.

Rethinking Life On The Appalachian Trail

rethinking 2“How thin the line of safety.”

One thing that is sort of on my list of things I thought I’d like to do was to hike the Appalachian Trail.  This inspiring book by Gary Bond recounts his journey on the trail in 2008. Rethinking Life on the Appalachian Trail is allows us to join Bond as he undertakes one of the most physically and mentally grueling travels.  I admire the dedication of anyone wh0 even undertakes such an adventure and am thankful that Mr. Bond was willing to share with us.