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Then You’re Not Worth What Your Parents Told Your Delicate Little Ass

seattleI know that’s a long title, but it is taken from a comment after a blog post about Seattle’s upcoming minimum wage hike to $15.00 per hour.  The hike goes into effect on, of all days, April Fools Day.  The “Living Wage” has long been one of the liberal alters.  At that wage, working forty hours a week and fifty-two weeks a year you’ll earn just over $31,000.00 a year.  The rub is that minimum wage jobs are SUPPOSED to be entry level jobs to help train young folks some work ethic and give them some independence in their lives.  The minimum wage job is not supposed to be your career!  The other rub is that at $15.00 per hour those entry level jobs are going away.  Businesses cannot afford to pay that much to someone to sweep floors, serve burgers, or check coats.  Seattle is finding that out as pointed out in the Protein Wisdom Blog;

The Innocent

innocentImagine waking up from a nightmare and finding that your bed is all torn up from the experience.  Imagine that the dream wasn’t just a dream, but based on something that you experienced.  Imagine that this experience was common for your job.  Finally imagine that your best friend is asking you to do it again.

Happy America Charles Brown

I didn’t dare use the name of the Cashew comic strip for fear of getting a nasty note from some lawyer like I did from Gary Larson’s legal team. Here are a few comic strips you probably won’t see in most media outlets…








The Boys From Brazil

imageI’m not sure how old you’d have to be to remember who was Dr. Josef Mengele.  I suspect that number gets smaller by the day. So Mengele plied his trade, which was research, on helpless prisoners held in the Nazi concentration camps.  His subjects were not volunteers and their wellbeing was disregarded.  He was a monster!  He did manage to escape to South America after World War II.

In The Boys from Brazil the author, Ira Levin, picks up on a diabolical plot by a cabal of Nazis who would like nothing better than see a rise of the Reich.  The Angel of Death, Mengele, plays a central role in the plot as a fearless Nazi-hunter tries to put together the clue and stop it and maybe get Mengele in the process.

Finding Sheba

finding sheba 1“Jade stepped forward and touched the cold stone coffin.  A shiver traveled through her entire body.  She walked around the sarcophagus, trailing her fingers over the ancient rock.”

So why is Finding Sheba as in the Queen of Sheba such an important thing to the world?  Why would people spend millions, torture, and even kill to find or prevent others from finding her?  In the first “Omar Zagouri” thriller, author H.B. Moore combines historical fiction with a thrilling hunt for the tomb of the elusive queen.  Sheba’s very existence and where she lies could have world-wide repercussions and lead to even more bloodshed.  The story brings an American student, an Ethiopian man, a French archaeologist and two Israeli operatives in a sprint to find the truth behind the legend.  Does Sheba exist?


spencerville 1Keith Landry has survived the tumultuous 1960s, the Vietnam war, and a career fighting the Cold War mostly on “enemy” turf only to find himself up against a local cop who happens to be married to the woman Landry left all of those years ago.  In Spencerville a man of the world moves back to the small town where he was raised.  Things have changed; some of them at least.  Landry is not sure why he returned to his parents’ house.  They have moved to sunny Florida and have lease most of the family farm fields to others.  Something or someone has drawn him back and that may spell trouble…okay it is trouble.