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Cost Of College

So get your duct tape ready before you watch this video from MSNBC.  As is usual with liberals the woman on the right (while actually on the LEFT) continues to interrupt the man on the left (Actualy RIGHT & CORRECT) thus the need for duct tape to contain your head’s impending explosion.  When you cannot win an argument talk louder and over everybody else.  To his credit Mr. Schiff does not partake of this type of “debate” though on many levels I wish he would just tell her to shut up while he talks.

Maher Matters

I am just checking the weather as hell must have frozen over.  Like Jon Stewart, once in a great while Bill Maher says something that makes sense.  I disagree with most of his liberal views, but in this video he speaks the truth;

Both the left and the right need to reign in our crazies!

Miramont’s Ghost

miramonts ghost222“All she had was this knot in the pit of her stomach, the vague feeling that something was dreadfully wrong.  How do you ever know the truth about another person?  Without the knowledge that comes through clairvoyance, how could a person ever know when someone spoke the truth?  How could you ever know with any certainty what happens behind closed doors?

 In Miramont’s Ghost we follow the life of young Adrienne who grows up in wealth near Beaulieu, France.  Living with her dysfunctional family, she is mostly happy as her grandfather dotes over her.  Family secrets and an unusual ability continue to interrupt an idyllic family life.  Can tragedy be far from the door?

Beck Gets Into The GOP’s Grill

imageSo what happens when media mogul, Glenn Beck makes a big show of leaving the Republican Party?  The establishment GOP, or RINOs as I prefer to call them, decide to send out the Architect (of now two consecutive presidential losses), Karl Rove! To poke a stick in Beck’s eye.

“On Friday, Rove appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and mocked Glenn Beck’s announcement earlier in the week that he was leaving the Republican Party.  ‘The Republican Party is largely united on its philosophy,’ Rove told O’Reilly, an assertion with which many conservatives vehemently disagree.”


image“Times like this, knowing a battle was coming, that an enemy masthead would soon peek over the horizon, he forced himself to take time to gather himself.  It was said he was good at war.  Maybe because he was so inordinantly fond of peace.”

A brilliant American scientist and his young family are abducted and no one knows why or where they were taken…

Lord Alexander Hawke comes on the radar of an old nemesis who’s disciples may be closer to his friends and family than he’d be comfortable with…

There is political upheaval in the United States government ani it seems vulnerable…

Built On A Lie

I am not sure why this took so long to hit as big news as the FACTS of the case have been out a while. It took a brave Africn-American journalist, Jonathan Capehart, to “break” the story. He tells the truth, but is taking a lot of heat because the truth does not fit the narrative. Watch until the end when they discuss how the race-baiters should now be addressing the masses.

Spending Gap Widens

midvaleI was enjoying the paper this morning when a headline caught my eye from which the title of this blog post was taken.  The columnist is certainly left-leaning, but every once in a while she gets it.  Unfortunately today was not her day.  The article was a lamenting drone about how unfair the education systems is in Pennsylvania.  Here are some of the gems in this tome;

“It seems a little off that where you live can determine the type of education you receive.  But that’s the way things are in Pennsylvania right now.”

Storm Front

storm front“There was one man in his contact list whose training, intellect, and tenaciousness were a match for this particular killer.  He reached for his phone and called Derrick Storm.”

In Storm Front, a series of gruesome murders of obscure bankers across the world comes to the attention of Derrick Storm who has to battle an old nemesis and try to prevent a world disaster.  Storm engages the help of an unlikely agent as he races across the world.  There’s even a pleasant cameo appearance by another of author Richard Castle’s famous characters.