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Back At Him

I am sometimes concerned about my basic feelings about unions. There are many ways in which union protection is good…maybe even great. Take in point the action by NYC police officers toward the leftist mayor, Bill de Blasio, when he walked through the hospital where the two executed police officers were taken. As the liberal mayor walked by the police all turned their backs on him in a show of disrespect as they fee that he does not have their backs.  Without union protection these officers would surely be hunted down and punished.  Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned.

The Kill List

kill listThe United States and Great Britain are the victims of seemingly random acts of terrorism by single actors.  These Islamists target higher profile citizen from which to wage their bloody war.  The only link seems to be a mysterious “Preacher” who encourages conversion to radical beliefs and edges on weak-minded Muslims to kill. The Kill List is a secret list known only by a few people in American government.  As you might guess the people on this list are to be found and killed.  Author Frederick Fosyth’s hero goes by many names, but is known as the Tracker and he is assigned to take care of the Preacher by any means and money is no object.

The Woman Who Married A Cloud

Married Cloud 1When I purchased this I thought it was one of those psychological books that presented unusual mental afflictions experienced by some people.  It’s not. The Woman Who Married a Cloud is a collection of short stories by Jonathan Carroll .  The only way that I can really explain the type of stories contained in this book is perhaps allude to the famous television series The Twilight Zone.  The stories are rather bizarre and generally have a twist…some expected and some not.  As with any work of this sort there were stories that I enjoyed, and quite a few that I did not.  About half way through the book I almost put it down as I found myself rushing through each story trying to get to the end of the book.  I really hate to give up on a book.  This one started to feel like a strain on me.  Some of the stories just ended abruptly for me, but they got better for me and I finished and was overall pleased.

“Green” Activism is Red

imageA recent story by Breitbart News highlights one of the reasons that I started this blog.  A smallish group of elitists (I am VERY careful not to call them “elites” first because they are NOT and second because that’s what they think they are) decide to save the world. They do know best.  The link above will take you to the original article, but I just wanted to give you some highlights here. You need to read the article and pass it along to friends.