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A Brewing Storm

brewing storm 1“First, I want you to track down these bastards, and then, I want you to kill every one of them.  I’m not worried about you reading them their legal rights and arresting them and getting them some fast-talking lawyer, whose going to bottle this up in some long, drawn-out trial.  I want them dead.  I want you to get it done before…”

In A Brewing Storm we are introduced to “retired” CIA operative Derrick Storm.  Storm gets involved in trying to solve the kidnapping of a very powerful politician’s relative.  Oh and that powerful person wants results, not lawfulness.  As storm wades into the mire he discovers that there may be a lot more to this crime than a simple kidnapping.

Open Mouth…Insert Foot

More Gruber.

This clip isn’t quite as telling as the “Cadillac Tax” was known, even though not widely covered and delayed until after certain elections. It is interesting that this arrogant wonk considers it bravery to go after people’s money. He reportedly was paid over $400,000.00 of your money for his input and advocacy. imageWhy wasn’t he “brave” and give that money back? I just love when rich folks tell the rest of us that we need to pay more in taxes.

A Grubbier Gruber

imageThe media, at least those on the right, are voraciously digging into The Gruber and his wagging tongue. As you may know a case will be heard in the U.S.Supreme Court regarding whether the government can offer subsidies from health insurance exchanges set up by the federal government. These subsidies are the backbone of Obamacare. There’s just one thing in the way. Well there are many things, but this one seems to finally have traction. The Act specifically states that only exchanges set up by states can offer subsidies.

A Peak Inside

imageEvery so often we get a glimpse of how folks think of us. It might be some angry words…some drunken words…a whisper from someone…or as in this case an arrogant slip of the tongue. This video is of Jonathan Gruber who is regarded as one of the main authors of Obamacare. He is an MIT professor so that makes him smarter than most of us. In the following clip Gruber outlines how Obama and other smart guys like Gruber gamed the American system (actually lied, cheated, stole, etc.) to push through the act of seizing one sixth of the U.S. Economy, better known as YOUR healthcare system.

News Briefs – Lying Losers and the Lying Media that Lifts Them Election Edition

election 2014 1I haven’t done a “News Briefs” for a while as I have been generally just posing individual pieces.  It seemed like a good time as we are just under a week since the 2014 midterm elections where the Democrats got swamped, dumped, blown out.  If you have read any of my stuff you’ll know that this pleases me.  If you read any of my stuff you may also know that having main-stream Republicans in more power does not make me comfortable.  So these new briefs have multiple subjects;

Deadly Heat

deadly heat 1“Lately, working routine homicides had become a distraction that kept her from focusing fully on her bigger case.  Of course she couldn’t share that with anyone on her squad, but she did complain to Rook how hard it was to try to close a chapter when people kept opening others. “

I this the fifth novel in the Nikki Heat series, author Richard Castle  furiously forces Heat to juggle what seems like a “routine” homicide with her need to solve a ten year old murder of her mother.  The story takes an unreal turn and Nikki is no longer sure that she can trust anyone and time is running out before something big and dangerous happens that will be Deadly Heat.

Fortunate Son

fortunate sonI guess that when I picked up Fortunate Son on the bargain book rack I half expected a novel by Jeffrey Archer as the title seemed like one that he would choose.  Author Walter Mosley had a different journey for me and what a journey.

“When she saw the teenage girl stand near him, she knew.  It was time for him to lose his lover, Ahn thought, and so the stars conspired to kill her.”

Toyotomi Blades

toyotomi bladesThe Toyotomi Blades is a sequel to Death In Little Tokyo from author Dale Furutani featuring amateur sleuth Ken Tanaka.  Mr. Tanaka has been laid off and while using his severance pay to pay the bills he is trying to decide what to do with his middle-aged life.  This American’s popularity in Japan is bolstered because he solved the murder of a Japanese citizen and Tanaka is also of Japanese heritage.  Off he goes to Japan for his fifteen minutes of fame…and a whole new mystery in a land where he does not speak the language.

CNN Schooled By Science

John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel, schools this dufus from CNN.  Mr. Coleman jumps on the introduction and calls it what it is…BS…and he is just warming up. Too many commentors accept the premiss. You gotta LOVE MR. COLEMAN!

Frozen Heat

frozen heat“Was she suffering poor judgment from PTSD, after all?  Or was she starting to see her precious emotional compartments as obstacles instead of allies and going with her gut more?  Or was there truly some unseen force guiding her?  Or was she just plain obsessed with this case?”

 Frozen Heat…all that I want to start with is WOW!