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Clean Cut

image“He sighed and shook his head.  ‘Bastard’s probably gone back to where he came from.  It beggars belief, doesn’t it?  The one held in Islington was supposed to have been fucking deported, but the Home Office alleged that if he returned home, he’d be in danger – so they let him loose on our fucking streets!  World is going crazy.”

One of their own is seriously injured and has to cope with recovery and solving the crime.  The third in the Anna Travis mysteries, Clean Cut brings the investigative squad into the world of illegal immigrant underground…drugs, prostitution, murder.  There is the ongoing tension between Travis and her boss, Langton.

Defining Racism

imageThis is a topic I should probably let lie. With all of the networks “LOVING” the riots and ratings in the show me state I would be better off remains quiet. But that is not what this world is about. You know who keeps quiet?  Hostages!  Hostages keep quiet. A video that I recently saw on Facebook compels me to ask a few questions in light of all the press coverage and race baiting though these terms are redundant.

SNL Stinger

Even the “left” writers on SNL seem to grasp the depths to that Obama sunk the our REPUBLIC to which he just stood on;

the bit is humorous…the reality is just not funny.

Louder Than Words

illegal immigrationIf you have been conscious over the last few weeks you were not surprised by Obama’s unilateral declaration of Amnesty last night.  The time for words has passed as I am tired of hearing the same old dialogue;

  • Bring them out of the shadows
  • Impeachable
  • Amnesty
  • Comprehensive
  • Defund
  • Unconstitutional
  • Sovereign
  • Executive order
  • Obama
  • Congress
  • Republicans
  • Democrats
  • Immigrants
  • Illegal immigrants (though this term is rarely used in the media anymore – Americans lost that framing the dialogue battle long ago)
  • Power of the purse

The Second Objective

second objective 1It is interesting to read stories about a big subject like Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and World War II.  I’ve had the opportunity to read a number of books about the latter recently.  In The Second Objective, Mark Frost tells a story of a daring commando mission that has troops going behind enemy lines to pull off an extraordinary dangerous and highly unlikely mission.  The interesting part for me is how the timeline for this fits into other books on the WWII fight in Europe.  As the characters in the book fight, run, hide and kill you are given perspective about the entire effort from Hitler’s bunker, to the quartermasters, to secret training, to General Eisenhower’s command center.  The Second Objective is a wonderful “murder” mystery set within a military setting…oh and during World War II featuring a sinister villain and a dogged “cop” closing on his tail.

A Raging Storm/A Bloody Storm

raging storm 1bloody storm 1I am combining these reviews as A Raging Storm and the “sequel” A Bloody Storm are essentially the second and third parts of what should have been one novel starting with A Brewing Storm previously reviewed.  In this series “private detective” Derrick Storm (AKA Steve Mason) continues his search for some missing gold in an amount worth killing for.  Storm reunites with FBI agent April Showers (yep that’s the name the author chose) to track down the shiny bars and perhaps learn who sabotaged their action in Tangiers where Storm was nearly killed.

Are You Gruber’d Up Yet?

grubergateI don’t hold much hope that anything earth-shaking will come of GruberGate (I am not sure if any news outlet used that yet) as politicians are out to score points for votes and are basically all big government wonks.  It is interesting that the lame-stream media is starting to be dragged into the fray (kicking and whimpering).  The videos are just too powerful to give them coverage to ignore the controversy.  I am not sure that I read this right or maybe I just cannot believe the HuffPo would dare go against Oblama, but the Weekly Standard reported;


bitterrootFormer Texas Ranger Billy Bob Holland travels to Montana to visit an old friend, but mostly to spend time fishing.  The Bitterroot Valley in Montana has become a fashionable place for the rich and famous to live and play.  Other undesirables also have made their way to the wilderness area.  Holland’s friend has no patience for many of the visitors and other folks looking to exploit the natural resources which puts him and consequently Holland at odds with some unsavory characters.  Mayhem ensues in, Bitterroot , as a psychopath is at play and has an axe to grind.  See how I did that?  I used the work psychopath and axe in the same sentence.  Now you are wondering if that person uses and axe.  I’m not telling.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

hitchhhiker 1Say you were from say the Nebula Galaxy and wanted to “backpack” through the Milky Way Galaxy.  How would you know what to see, where to stay, or what to eat?  Of course you would use The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as perhaps your main source for information.  While the Earth is included in the guide, its residents don’t really have a clue about the rest of the universe as this is “not an Earth book, never published on Earth, and until the terrible catastrophe occurred, never seen or even heard of by any Earthman.”