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I’ve Lost SNL

There is a famous quote from the 1960s after  “America’s Newsman,” Walter Conkite was said to have commented the America could not win the war in Vietnam (“But it is increasingly clear to this reporter that the only rational way out then will be to negotiate, not as victors, but as an honorable people who lived up to their pledge to defend democracy, and did the best they could.”). President Johnson upon hear this was to had said;

“If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”

The following clip is perhaps the most critical hit on Obama from SNL.

Naked Heat

imageThis is the sequel to the best selling murder mystery, Heat Wave, and based on the television series Castle.  In Naked Heat investigate the murder of a powerful newspaper gossip columnist. Needless to say this writer had more than a few enemies, but to have one hate her so much so bad to kill her?  You’ll have to read the story to enjoy all of the plot twists and turns involving some of New York City’s elite citizens.

Bush Lied…Republicans Were Fried

imageIn what may be the ironies of all ironies none other than the New York Times ran a series of stories critical of the Bush (“W”) administration because they lied about WMDs in Iraq. That doesn’t sound all that different than most of their WMD coverage during his presidency. You know the “Bush lied, people died” narrative. No since Bush is out of office and has been out for nearly six years (someone please tell Obama) the vulnerable NYT is excoriating the Bush Administration because they didn’t tell the American public about all of the WMDs and yellow cake, etc. that our military found in Iraq.  YES THERE WERE WMD IN IRAQ!

Heat Wave

imageAbout a year ago our daughter turned her parents on to the Castle television series. Like older folks to Matlock or Everybody Loves Raymond we loved and watched it all of the time.  I then hear that there is a series of books written under pseudonym on Richard Castle and I know that I have to try this.

City of Heavenly Fire

imageThis is the sixth book in Cassandra Clare’s series…The Mortal Instruments. I had read the first five rather quickly and got tired of what I considered the tedious Jace-Clary on again off again shtick.  I just could bring myself to read the third even though I bought it and it was sitting on my bookshelf mocking me.

City of Heavenly Fire finally grabbed me and I read it!

One Thousand Days

1000 daysA week or so ago I passed a milestone in my 10K a day walking program.  It was 1000 days since I started.  I knew this spring that I’d get there this year so I took the time to mark the day on my calendar.  It was so cool to get there.  I’ve walked in all kinds of weather; early in the morning and sometimes late at night.  I’ve paced in my basement and have walked around most shopping centers around where I live.  I’ve seen some interesting things and just recently found a twenty dollar bill on the ground.  Money is a nice reward.  About the only thing that keeps me off the road is illness and it sucks doubly when I am sick AND cannot walk.

Killing Patton

killing pattonThis book is “the strange death of World War II’s most audacious general.”  In Killing Patton Bill O’Reilly and co-author Martin Dugard dig into the circumstances behind the unusual death of General George S. Patton.  The authors provide copious background behind the characters who would have loved to see the prominent general no longer around and they list doesn’t just include Germans and Russians.  If you are a history buff you’ll have the added pleasure of getting a good dose of WWII information.  If you are not a history buff, there is not too much, but maybe you will become one of us.  You really should!