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…To A Gun Fight

ballsSooner or later the GOP may actually grow a pair…not one for each elected official, just one that perhaps they can share.  Maybe like those gnarly ones you see hanging from the back of a beat up pickup truck.  The RINOs really think that they can just hold on and regain the Senate in November.  I am not so sure with shenanigans like they pulled in Mississippi allowing…no encouraging…no begging Democrats to vote in the primary against the TEA Party candidate will leave many of us conservatives with a very bad taste in our mouths.  I am having a hard time looking forward to Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader.  Dine on these fine quotes from Mitch recently;

City of Lost Souls

city of lost soulsJace and Clary.  Clary and Jace.  In this the fifth book of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series we continue the journey, angst, drama, and intrigue as Clary, Jace, Simon, Izzy, and Alec come to terms with their roles as Shadowhunters (and one vampire) fighting evil where they can find it or it finds them.  The City of Lost Souls has the Shadowhunters are all a buzz trying to find Jace as he disappeared at the end of the last novel when he was abducted by Sebastian.

Escape From Camp 14

camp 14This biography, Escape from Camp 14, is not the story of a soldier escaping from a POW camp.  This is about “one man’s remarkable odyssey from North Korea to freedom in the west.”  The great North Korean leaders live large on the backs of their citizens and some who are “criminals” are put in camps.  This is the story of Shin In Geum who was not a criminal, but was unfortunate enough to have someone in his family who broke the law.  Shin was born in the camp; it was the only life he ever knew and the “skills” he developed were as warped as you can imagine, but allowed him to survive this brutal existence.

The Bourne Imperative

bourne imperativeIn The Bourne Imperative the novel opens with perspectives of a myriad of characters.  While I don’t usually like this method I didn’t like it here either by author Eric Van Lustbader.  I find this style makes me tense as I try to follow all of the characters.  That’s just me.  The opening is interesting as we are introduced to a man, near death, wounded and floating in the water.  This time it is a lake…parallels.  Jason Bourne, though troubled, is now on the side of Treadstone.  I think that I missed a few of the Lustbader novels where all this occurred.  Bourne works with allies to stop evil from overtaking the planet.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T or Lack Thereof


Deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin posted a picture on his Twitter account of President Vladimir Putin petting a leopard next to one of Mr Obama holding a fluffy poodle, with the caption “we have different values and allies.”

Why The USA is NOT A Democracy!

a republicFor about the hundredth time in one of my blogs (I exaggerate for effect) I need to exclaim that the good ole USA in NOT a democracy and that was by design and we should be ever thankful to our Founding Fathers.  In that vein I share this quote;

Hollywood Libretards

jackie masonSo it takes an old-school comedian like Jackie Mason to take to task liberal twits like those mentioned in the following interview. Like I posted yesterday there is an inherent racism (true racism not the crap spewed by Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al, Obama, and Snidely Whiplash)in most of the world about the Jewish people. I just don’t get it. We certainly should not take them seriously except that they enjoy such a wide audience of future twits with tweets.