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When The Dust Settles

It was interesting that when searching for an image representing anti -Semitism most of the results were anti-Semitic.

It was interesting that when searching for an image representing anti -Semitism most of the results were anti-Semitic.

I find it interesting how the media, Hollywood elitists, and anti-semites everywhere are treating the Israel – Hamas war.  So the good citizens of Gaza overwhelmingly vote Hamas into the leadership of their territory.  They support Hamas further by allowing the terrorist group to live within their community.  And by live within I mean store their rockets and bombs and cheer when Israel is attacked.  Hundreds of rockets are fired into Israel without provocation other than the barbarians intense hate of the Jewish state.  While only a few get through the defenses Israel finally has had enough and retaliates…and the world explodes…against Israel.  WOW!  Our weak-kneed White House occupant has never, to my knowledge, asked Hamas to stop the shelling, but always implores Israel to stop the killing.

The Heist

heistGuess who is back…

“He paused at a kiosk to see whether he was being followed and then continued on in the same direction.  He was below average in height – five foot eight perhaps, but no more – and had the spare physique of a cyclist.  The face was long and narrow at the chin, with wide cheekbones and a slender nose that looked as though it had been carved from wood.  The eyes that peered from beneath the brim of his flat cap were unnaturally green.”

City of Lost Souls

city of lost souls“I’m not like Valentine.  I don’t want to be like him.  I won’t be like him…but his father had taught him that to kill without mercy was a virtue, and maybe you could never forget what your parents taught you.  No matter how badly you wanted to.  I won’t be like him.”

In City of Lost Souls, the fourth in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, we are still faced with the on/off relationship between Jace and Clary, evil doers, and conflict between the shadowhunters, mundanes and downworlders.  Is Valentine really dead?  Will Jace and Clary be FINALLY together?  What/Who is the new evil facing the world?  Will Simon adjust to being not only a vampire, but one who can tolerate daylight?

Our Father Who Art In A Tree

our fatherBesides the cool looking cover the title (Our Father Who Art in a Tree) of this novel called out to me who wert in a discount book store.  One of the nice things about discount stores there isn’t much guilt spending a few dollars on an unusual book.  This book lived up to the “unusual” part;

“It was simple for me, the saints were in heaven and guardian angels had extendable wings like Batman and my dad had died and gone to live in the tree in the backyard.”

City of Glass

city of glass“The old ways may never be the right ways again.  Just as the rebellion of the angels ended the world as it was – it split heaven in half and created hell – this could mean the end of the Nephilim as they currently exist.  This is our war in heaven, vampire, and only one side can win it.  And my father means it to be his.”

A Republic If You Can Keep It

This YouTube video was mentioned in Brad Thor’s novel, Act of War.  This should be REQUIRED viewing for every citizen every year.  Perhaps it should be played on the little video screen at the voting booth.  I get sooooooo frustrated when “conservatives” use the term “democracy” when describing our form of government.  One of my first posts in 2008 touched on this.

“Democracy never lasts long….it soon exhausts and murders itself.

Act of War

act of war“The Chinese are extremely deliberate and pragmatic,’ she said.  ‘They can see the writing before anyone else has even seen the wall.  Mr. Director, they’re dying.  Their air is polluted.  Their water is polluted.  They have cut down their timber and have mined all of their minerals.  Less than 5 percent of China has arable land left suitable for agriculture.  The investments they made in North Africa have been a complete bust.  In fact, they’ve taken substantial losses.  The mines there didn’t even produce a fraction of what they had projected.  An during all this, China’s population has continued to expand while its economy has continued to slow…The Chinese know that it’s not daylight they’re seeing at the end of the tunnel.  It’s a train heading right at them.”


The following is a video clip from some folks putting together a movie about the Obama years…It’s not complimentary.  In this clip the documentarian visits the woman who was made famous after the 2008 election when she gleefully exclaimed that Obama was going to take care of her needs.  The clip shows the old clip and a short interview with her some five and a half years later.

Her house and furniture look very nice.  I sense that she’s done alright in spite of this Administration and probably will be audited by the IRS soon.

City of Ashes

city of ashesThis is the second book in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series.  We left off the City of Bones novel with hunted shadowhunter, Valentine, still on the loose and some startling news about Jace and Clary’s lineage.  In City of Ashes Clary’s frustration with her world being turned upside down and faces even more revelations and guess what…more changes.

“I hate all of it!  Always being scared, always being hunted, always wondering who’s going to get hurt next.  I wish I could go back to the way things used to be.”