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Foreign Policy Fallacy?

So while Russia’s ex-KGB president invades one of our allies and has the gall to not only invade a sovereign country, but lie and say that he doesn’t have Russian troops in the country our President Obama utters backboneless threats that “there will be costs.”  I guess that is better than drawing a “red” line only to have to back away from the line like he did with Syria.  When I ran across this pull quote from an article on the crisis my head just about exploded.  It seems that we are only tough-talking in anonymity.  Why on Earth would any “journalist” use an anonymous quote from anyone?  What gravitas does that have?  Perhaps John Kerry sent Putin an unsigned note saying that “we’ll get you my pretty.” (sorry for the Wizard of Oz reference).  We know that is not true and Kerry seems more concerned about global warming…sorry climate change is the new buzzword.

Pillars Of The Earth

pillars of the earthSet in twelfth century feudal England, The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett takes us to a time when life was hard for the “regular” people as rivals fight for the rule of England.  The story is told mostly through the lives of three families; Brother Philip, a simple man of God who has a modest soul, but high aspirations and a cunning mind; Tom Builder who, as a master stone mason, wants to build a cathedral; and Aliena the high-born daughter of a once powerful earl.  This era in history is brutal as might is always right and rulers care more about how their decisions benefit them rather than justice and religious men often accept that the ends justify the means.

The First Counsel

first council“You sure you’re up for it?’ I ask. ‘Because it’s going to be a bitch and a half to pull off.”

In The First Counsel we meet Michael Garrick who has the pleasure and status of working for the White House as an attorney.  He meets and is attracted to the “First Daughter” and on their first date things get interesting.  Author Brad Meltzer provides a riveting story where the young lawyer is twisted and turned in the intrigue of high level, power politics and back-stabling and Garrick doesn’t know who to trust.  He wanted the power now he has to maneuver through men and women much more powerful than he.  The above quote is near the end as the young man tries to save not only his career, but his life.