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Kill The Shogun

kill the shogunThis is the third and final in Dale Furutani’s Samurai Mystery series.  In Kill the Shogun, Ronin samurai, Matsuyama Kaze is in Edo, the new capital of Japan and the seat of the new Shogun.  As the area bustles with construction of the new capital and castle Kaze is still on his quest to find the daughter of his former master.  As building rise so do the aspirations of the other samurai as they jostle within the new hierarchy of the new leadership.

Big Brother’s Fault

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

house of cardsIt would be nice to start off fresh this new year with a new beginning as the new year baby is supposed to signify.  As with most symbols reality has a way of creeping in.  An article in our hometown “conservative” newspaper has me shaking my head mostly because it was written locally and as such had the opportunity to set some of the record straight and illustrate to the masses the flaws of big government.  They failed.

Along Came A Spider

along came a spiderA work friend and I were talking recently about books as she knows that I read a lot.  I look forward to my lunch break each day as that is a block of time for me to read in my office.  There are a lot of authors who write an awful lot of books and I often wonder whether they actually write them.  I generally avoid these most popular authors.  She suggested that I might like James Pattersonand his Alex Cross character.  Rather than read the latest book I went to Amazon and ordered a copy of his first book in the series, Along Came A Spider.

Where Angels Fall

Where angels fallIn this, the second of Chris Stewart’s The Great and Terrible series we meet the same characters/family as they are now earthly beings.  They are not all part of one family, but this introduction to their earthly lives sets a path where they may all meet at some point.  Where Angels Fall still has Lucifer and his minions who are also on Earth to spread his message of hate and despair.  The book reads like a thriller novel, but with insights into the characters’ morality and frailty.  I wish that I could say that this is uplifting as it can be in parts, but I am finding it somewhat dark.  My plan was to read the series straight through, but needed to change that to take a break.  I think that those of us who read thriller novels are used to the evil and vile characters who are portrayed in this book.  It is not often, however, that we are shown their inner souls and their darkness.  We also see the souls of those who are good and the troubling part to watch (read) is how the good struggle to overcome evil while evil has no such struggle with good.