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Milton Friedman Real Reality Television – Created Equal

America is equal opportunity not equal outcomes…

“The society that puts equality before freedom will end up with neither. The society that puts freedom before equality will end up with a great measure of both.” The desire to have more, to have what those who are better off have, is a powerful emotion. Friedman points out that the most governments can do is provide all citizens with equal opportunity to use their time and abilities as they best see fit, in pursuit of a better life. Introduced by Steve Allen. Discussion with Thomas Sowell, Hoover Institution and Michael Kinsley, New Republic.”

Relativity Kicks In

Weather screen shotWith the very cold weather that has us in its grasp I gotten in the habit of checking my “WeatherBug” cell phone application before I get out of bed in the morning.  It has helped me brace myself each morning for the day and days ahead.  It struck me this morning, a Saturday,  when I woke before 0700 and automatically tapped on the app.  The screenshot on the left is what greeted me.  The reality and relativity of my reaction was one of happiness as it was a balmy 16 degrees.  I ACTUALLY LOOKED AT SIXTEEN DEGREES AS A POSITIVE THING!

Death At The Crossroads

death at the crossroadsI did something unusual with this book. This novel is the first in a three part series featuring ronin samurai Matsuyama Kaze.  I had inadvertently read the second book first then read the third.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t go back are then read the third.  I so enjoyed the other two books that I was compelled to buy the first one.  In Death at the Crossroads we are introduced to Kaze, a wandering ronin who is on a mission to fulfill a request from his former master’s wife.  As he wanders Japan he is thrust in the middle of a murder near what seems to be a dysfunctional town overseen by a dysfunctional lord.  As with the other books in the series Kaze uses both his wits and strength to work toward solving the mysteries.

Clear As The Moon

clear as the moonThe sixth and final volume in The Great And Terrible series by author Chris Stewart brings to a close this monumental story in Clear as the Moon.  The action is again focused on the occurrences in and around the destruction of Washington D.C. and the impacts of the EMP attack on the rest of the country.  Seemingly outsmarted at every turn those forces for “good” seem to have only one chance at victory as they have to send one of their own into the den of the enemy.  Though weakened they still have the capability to achieve their task and set the world right.

Taxing Economics

gas taxI should go back sometime over my previous posts to see how many times I’ve mentioned the fact that far too many Americans lack a basic understanding of economics.  You would think by now and knowing this fact that I would somehow be immune to the stupidity and let it go.  It seems that I cannot.

From The End Of Heaven

from the end of heavenIt’s 10:47 am on a Saturday.  A Saturday after which I spent the early part of Friday evening finishing the fourth novel in Chris Stewar’s Great And Terrible series only to immediately start into this the fifth in the series. From the End of Heaven continues the story of the Brightons, though the story is more than about them.  They perhaps can be described by me as the backbone of the tale.  The United States is rapidly falling into chaos and chaos is what Lucifer loves.  We see more and more the depth and reach of our nation’s enemies and what they will do to grab power.  Though still full of devastating images the “Light” is beginning to have a stronger presence.  We are reunited with an old friend from the first book as he works to guide mortal souls.

Fury & Light

fury and light“WAR PLAN WHITEWOLF SUMMARY:  Find out who did it.  Bring their world to an end.  And that was it, in essence.  That was WhiteWolf at its core.  Use every resource available to the United States to find out who had attacked them, then retaliate in kind.”

The Second Sun

second sunThe Second Sun is the third in Chris Stewart’s Great and Terrible series.  It picks up the story from Where Angels Fall and follows the main characters as they battle the evil that befalls them.  Though the paranormal forces, both good and evil, are not as frequent they are present in the actions of the combatants.  The book travels on smoothly, but one of the opening quotes in the book gives a clear indication of the furious ending or should I say beginning of the fourth volume?

“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed and everywhere the ceremony on innocence is drowned.”

Only Two More Til Ten

eight millionSo this post announces my finally meeting the eight million step mark.  I had hoped, no struggled to achieve in by years’ end, but did not make it.  I had nearly the last two weeks of the year off of work and found that a less structured day makes it hard to get the big step amounts.  My missing my goal did give me the dubious achievement of reaching 8 million steps on what is probably the coldest day in the last two decades.  Before you think that I am an idiot who walked outside when it was -15 degrees, I happened to have a planned office move that day.  Even though it was in the same building and floor it took a while and a lot of steps to get-r-done.  I did have to take a VERY brief walk outside to also get my 10K for the day.

Cutting For Sign

cutting forOriginally published in 1993, author William Langewiesche took an in-depth look at the United States-Mexico border.  As is typical of Langewiesche’s work he immersed himself into his subject.  He returned to an area in which he had worked as a bush pilot.  This story touches on many hot button issues like illegal immigration and drugs, but the author goes much deeper and gives us a glimpse of the lives of many of those nameless people and tells their side.  We learn of their desires to improve their lives and you might be appalled to read about their treatment on both sides of the border in Cutting for Sign.