Framing the Dialogue

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Caption This – A Golf Between Us


“Who’s that lady, who’s that lady…sexy lady”

“If you’re happy and you know it stomp your feet.”

“Dude you had better have that growth on your left calf checked out!”

“Sponsored by Nike and George Soros”

“Is this supposed to be the white half?”

“Look Michelle no panty lines.”

“Wait, is that the Constitution he’s about to stomp on?”

“I’m playing golf and your paying for it…and my big dog Bo too!”

“So if Putin is the kid in the back of the room, who am I?”

Half Way to Twelve

Like a bad "Groundhog Day" movie this is what FitBit greets me with every morning.

Like a bad “Groundhog Day” movie this is what FitBit greets me with every morning.

So this is my “clever” way to brag that I hit the 6,000,000 step mark which is roughly 2,700 miles since January 2012.  After all of this time walking a million steps doesn’t seem like that much except for when I look at how many weeks it will take to real in my next million.  At a 100K steps it would take ten weeks and I haven’t hit that threshold very often.  I blame that on the pesky need to work and pay bills.

The Informationist

informationistThis thriller by Taylor Stevens introduces us to Vanessa “Michael” Munroe or The Informationist.  Munroe uses the skills honed from her tough upbringing to make her one of the best in her field.  Conversant in dozens of languages and not afraid of violence she is good at gathering information from some of the worst regimes in the world including her one-time home in Africa.

Economics In Many Lessons – The Pencil

Milton Friedman is one of my favorite economics.  He is brilliant, but most importantly he has a way of explaining things in a very simple way.  Why his lectures, widely available on YouTube, are not shown in every school is a mystery to me.  Here he discussed the magic of the pencil

This video was a take on the famous book(let) by Leonard Read titled I, Pencil.

The Poisoned Pilgrim

poisoned pilgrimI am going to assume that you are familiar with the usual cast of characters in Oliver Pötzsch’s Hangman’s Daughter series.  Simon and Magdalena are on a journey to the monastery at Andechs for a pilgrimage.  There has been a fairly long time lapse in the lives of the young couple since the last book so there so there are a few surprises in the story.  When a body is found, Simon, notices some odd things which pull them into a possible murder investigation.