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Update – Fair Trial

Surprise surprise the jury found George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY.  I am not one of the pundits who’ll lament the trajedy that a young man lost his life and another man’s life is ruined.  That’s been said ad nauseum over the past 24 hours.  I think the next 12 months are going to be interesting as the now innocent Zimmerman goes after the media and celebrities who have slandered him.  The folks who have called for his death.  Those who still “tweet” that justice was not served.  Neither celebrities, sports “stars,” nor the media has a right to defame George Zimmerman and when they did he has a right to take them to court.  He certainly shares some of the blame for what happened that night, but he shouldn’t have been portrayed as a public enemy.

Hidden Order

hidden order“The terrain was barren and windswept; more rock and loose shale than anything else. It was cold and misty. Everyone would rather have been someplace else, but you wouldn’t have heard a complaint from a single one of them. This is who they were and what they did. Each of them consoled themselves with the knowledge that no matter how damp and how cold it was, it easily could have been worse, and that what they did, they did for their country. They all knew that there were people who would never know their names and would never know what they were doing this night, but that their way of life hung in the balance.”

Parsimony – Living Wage D.C. Style

minimum wageThe wonderful do-baders (they actually think they’re dogooders) in the District of Columbia really care about their citizens that they are pushing through a new law that will require large retailers (Wal-Mart) to pay a 50% (yes that’s percent not “cents”) premium over the existing minimum wage. The Washington Post reports:

Premium on minium wage mandated by D.C. lawmakers could chase Wal-Mart jobs elsewhere

WASHINGTON — District of Columbia lawmakers gave final approval on Wednesday to a bill requiring certain large retailers [Wal-Mart] to pay their employees a 50 percent premium over the city’s minimum wage, a day after Wal-Mart warned the law would jeopardize their plans in the city. [The parent, Wal-Mart, warned the children, DC lawmakers, that the fire was hot, but they touched it anyway.]

Heaven’s Keep

heavens keepI had this novel figured out after about sixty pages.  As I read I realized that I had it wrong, but I had one character pegged as a bad guy…again wrong. Heaven’s Keep was not full of plot twists and turns, just a well written book about a man’s search for the truth about his wife.  Author William Kent Krueger set his story in the very rough country of Wyoming and an area dominated by an Native American reservation.  Hero, Cork O’Conner tangles with the local law enforcement (both tribal and U.S.) as he tries to unravel the mystery surrounding his wife.

A REAL President

I, unfortunately, did not really follow politics back in the eighties and missed most of this man’s message.  YouTube allows us to hear what he had to say.  What better way to learn than to hear him in his own words.  The first video contains excerpts from Ronald Reagan’s debates with then President Carter.  I was stunned at how much of Reagan’s message and criticisms of Carter apply to Obama.  Here we are over thirty years later still fighting the Progressives over the same issues…

…What it means to be an American…

…his humor…

The King’s Deception

kings deceptionJust when former Justice Department agent Cotton Malone thought he was out they pulled him back in. In The King’s Deception Malone is asked to do a favor for a former boss that seemed harmless at first.  He tries to stay out of the fray, but when his son is put in danger he has to act.

Author Steve Berry pits two long-time friends against one another in some international and historic intrigue.  The “King’s Deception” actually involves a former Queen and, if true, could have major implications for the world.  Berry liberal intersperses some historic background to further the storyline.  If you like this technique this novel should be just right for you.  I felt that after a while that it got a little too much for my taste.  Overall though it was a very good book.