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A Corpse at St. Andrew’s Chapel

corpse at st andrews“and so began a journey in which I sought one thing and found another. Much of my life has been like that. I have seldom found what I most urgently sought, and only rarely sought what I found. Since much of what I enjoy is then the result of a good fortune which I knew not to seek, I attribute the laudable in my life to the will of God, who, it is written, knows what we need before we ask.”

There’s A Whole Lot O Fracking Out There

Fricking-Fracking-NIMBYMany times as I read an article I find a few sentences that capture the essence of the piece. In “Phrase-e-ology” I’ll post some thoughts followed by key phrases. As always I’ll have a link (in blue) to the original article…

You could have knocked me over with a feather. My eyes saw it, my mind read it, my head shook in disbelief. Though not the Holy Grail I did read an actual balance article on energy from the Associated Press. Maybe journalism is not dead yet? Two writers from the AP take on some celebrities who have talked the talk, but not walked the walk, nor even have gotten the talk quite right…

Uncertain Returns

solar chickensMany times as I read an article I find a few sentences that capture the essence of the piece. In “Phrase-e-ology” I’ll post some thoughts followed by key phrases. As always I’ll have a link (in blue) to the original article.

The original article ran in the Lancaster Journal Online this past Sunday. The crux of the article was about how some farmers are not seeing the returns on their investments that they expected when they installed solar panels on their buildings.

The Fifth Assassin

fifth assassinAs I read my first Brad Meltzer novel I soon came to realize that this was not the first one in this “series” nor will it be the last based on the ending. This is not an unusual occurrence, but I found that I seemed to be missing a lot of backstory that was probably in the previous book. Maybe this information would have made The Fifth Assassin more compelling instead of leaving me wanting more.  I felt that the gaps took away from the story.

True American Hero – Erick Erickson

erick ericksonErick Erickson is the Editor-In-Chief of RedState and most recently contracted to be a contributor to Fox News. Mr. Erickson hasn’t made any big splashes in the media or in conservative circles, but as a daily recipient of his RedState Morning Briefing I have come to know him as a true conservative or at least what I believe is a conservative. There is no gnashing of teeth over Obama phones, but real insight into politics. You can and must sign up to receive the Morning Briefing at this link even before you read on.

If Then Were Now

Hoover_Dam_Bypass_Bridge_-_2009-11I have been fortunate to travel some in my life and recently was fortunate to get to see one of the great natural wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon.  I have also seen Niagara Falls a few times, the red rocks in Colorado, and the desert in Arizona.  We also visited Las Vegas, not a natural wonder, but were able to visit Mount Zion National Park, Valley of Fire State Park, and Hover Dam.  While we were there they were constructing another engineering marvel, The Hoover Dam Bridge.

Sé Questor

chicken littleNow that we’re into Day 2 of the Apocalypse AKA The Sequester Americans seem to be responding with a healthy ho hum.  While I live in Western Pennsylvania where the sun rarely comes out in the winter, but it’s light out so I have faith that it is out there somewhere.  The world did not end.  It is still early and  Chicken Little who lives in the White House is still running around screeching that the sky is falling.  Don’t get me wrong as I have no doubt that he will do his best to make the sky fall, but so far he has been ineffectual.  Even the New York Times called him on his scam.  That has to be a bitter pill to swallow when one of your friendly media outlets calls you out.  Ouch!

All Necessary Force

all necessary forceIn his second Pike Logan novel author Brad Taylor has the damaged hero looking in from the outside of the Taskforce as they try to unravel the theft of some dangerous military apparatus that could be used against America.  The latest threat seems to be coming from the far east and that is where the focus is at least initially.  Logan joins forces with the Taskforce not as an operator, but as the part owner of a cover company, but that changes quickly as things spin out of control and he is force to use All Necessary Force in pursuit of an unnamed enemy.