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Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays for the seculars)

I am taking a little break to spend time with family over the holiday season. Once we all get good and tired of each other I’ll be back. Unless that phrase is now somehow copyrighted by Arnold.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor dark of night prevents up from cutting our tree. We’re probably nuts.

Voices of Reason

Surprisingly there actually are voices of reason in the tragic school shooting.  Perhaps we will actually have a legitimate dialogue on the subject of mental health, coarsening of society and Hollywood’s role, and firearms.

Pizza Bomber

“They were all obsessed with money, each of the three of the fractured intellectuals.  Their levels of violence and culpability differed among them, but their deceit and matchless desire for money pulled them together like magnets.”

One of the more famous things to happen in Erie, Pennsylvania was the Pizza Bomber in 2003.  The murder of a pizza delivery man using a bomb around his neck made national news.  The story was that he was forced to don the collar bomb and then rob a local bank.  The police caught him shortly after the robbery and while the bomb squad was on the way it exploded killing the man.

I Am Adam’s Mother

As the inevitable debate begins about how best to implement more gun control I express hope that the more critical issue of mental health finds its way to the forefront of the dialogue.  After the tragic murders in Connecticut it is a hard position to take defending our Second Amendment rights.  I have little doubt that wafflely politicians will take the easy way out and pass some meaningless gun control law that won’t stand up to Constitutional scrutiny.  They whine and gnash their teeth that they “tried” and grumble about “activists” on the court.

Say A Prayer

We should all say a prayer for those families affected by the mass murder in Connecticut.  It is hard to imagine…and I don’t want to…hard to imagine how hard this must be on the families.  We all probably feel a sickness at this tragedy.

It, unfortunately, won’t be long until the political knives come out advocating for more gun control.  Crisis’ like these are a vacuum the political left cannot leave alone.

Taxing Our Patience

Listen closely to the NIMROD (the second from the right)…

The money quote from Mr. Schiff (on the right) would make Ayn Rand proud;

“Majority Doesn’t “Have A Right To Steal My Money Just Because They Voted For It.”

Compare that to Mr. Nimrod’s quote;

“Rich people will not do that” (move their money offshore)…

…or will they;

Google Revenues Sheltered in No-Tax Bermuda Soar to $10 Billion

Mr. Nimrod, actions speak louder than words.  What Mr. Nimrod probably meant that rich people (not connected to the Demoncrats) won’t be allowed to move their money. 

National Cemetery of the Alleghenies

I was recently driving to a business appointment and was slightly, briefly lost (mostly because rural roads are notoriously not consistently marked) and saw a sign for the National Cemetery of The Alleghenies. Having been to Arlington and Gettysburg I was intrigued at the thought of a National Cemetery in what is essentially my backyard. I was early for my meeting so I took the ¾ mile detour to the cemetery.

The Christmas Bus

It’s that time of year when scores of Christmas novels and short books come on the market to warm our hearts. I have read quite a few in my day and they are generally enjoyable and often uplifting. I found The Christmas Bus at a favorite charity discount book sale. The name alone was intriguing…The Christmas Bus!

Set in Christmas Valley, Oregon, a town struggling to survive the loss of its primary industry reinvents itself to capitalize on its unique name (yes there is actually such a place). The main characters are an older couple where the husband is a minister in the town and his wife runs a bed-and-breakfast. The best laid plans seem to come apart and their Christmas is not typical.

Parsimony – War On Fox

Neither the lame-stream media nor the far left seem to know what to do about Fox News.  They both agree to some old fashioned blocking of the free press, but Fox is just too big and too popular, and thus has too big of a soapbox.  This latest folly from the Adulterated Press (AP) is cute, but worth parsing…

First the headline (with a link to the original story)…

Fox’s correspondent on front lines with Obama

…Now the story with my bold comments:

Plum Island

I recently read Nelson DeMille’s book The Panther and rather liked his writing. Plum Island is a step backward in time when I believe that detective John Corey was first introduced by DeMille.  Corey is a homicide detective with NYPD and is staying at his uncle’s house in Long Island as he recuperates from a unsuccessful attempt on his life.  He get pulled into a bizarre murder investigation when two of his acquaintances are murdered.  The novel is named after the island in which the murdered couple work and is home to a federal biological research facility.  Not quite at home in the quaint little towns, Corey ruffles some feathers as he looks into the lives of the victims.