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It’s Not Civics, It’s Politics

From the workshop - Sorry about the quality...I was sitting in the back

That is the recurring message delivered by author Dr. Timothy Daughtry to an enthusiastic audience of about one hundred and fifty “activists” yesterday afternoon.  The funny part is none of us in attendence were activits.  We were just mainstream Americans who are very concerned about the direction that our country is being driven by the far left.  “Driven” may not be the correct term as it seems like we are being “herded.”  We peaceful Americans want to enjoy our families, work hard, play hard, and basically want to be left alone.  Between elections we expect our elected officials to keep their promises and act in ways that do not require our oversight.  That really hasn’t worked really well for American ideals for the last century.

The Hangman’s Daughter

Author Oliver Potzsch is a descendant of one of Bavaria’s dynasties of executioners, the Kuisls.  Potzsch draws upon his family history to paint his characters, their lives, and the “jobs” that they were born to do.  The Hangman’s Daughter is not a macabre account of brutal executions, though there is some of that, it is a murder mystery that happens to take place in a small Bavarian town, Shongau.  No mere executioner Jakob Kuisl is a healer, torcherer, and garbage man.  He must overcome the prejudices about his career to solve a mystery before an innocent is killed and mayhem ensues.

Waking the Sleeping Giant

How many of you just let obnoxious, misleading (i.e. lies, falsehoods), arrogant comments just slide by when uttered by the left? In the interest of peace and not starting an argument most of us let things slide. We are not by nature confrontational. In essence we are the “sleeping giant.” We are MAINSTREAM AMERICA and we are generally silent with our beliefs.

Two Million Steps

It was funny for me to read my “one million” post from last May as I prepared to write about my second million steps (That’s nearly 1000 miles walked!). There were set backs of course; sore knees, a July bout with the flu, activities that don’t lend themselves to walking, and a freaking hot summer. I started my walking program in January and expressed at the time that winter may not have been the best time to start. Now over eight months into it, winter was not all that bad. Summer can be a bummer.

Always On Labor Day

My wife and I recently had the task of taking our youngest child off to college.  Though not terribly far away this is our last child and sort of an end of a chapter in our lives.  There will be holidays and summer, but more time will be spent living away than with us.  That is life and that is how it is supposed to be rather than sitting in their childhood bedrooms staring at faded posters into their late twenties.

You Just Can’t Write This Stuff

I can only hope that folks are waking up to the REAL B. Hussein Obama and that the sleeping giant of mainstream America is finally realizing what a dangerous group of folks have taken over the Democrat Party.  As a recovering Democrat (I recovered during Clinton’s stint) I can say that the the crazies in charge (i.e. Obama, Mrs. Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Al Frankin, Chuck Schummer, Charlie Rangle, Anthony Weiner, Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Gerry Brown, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Chris Matthews, Matt Lauer, Jim Leher, Bob Scheifer, and on and on and on) are not the Democrats of old.  This group cares about nothing but their agenda.

Labor Day 2012

Yesterday’s mail included this littel gem from the Ameriacn Federation of State and Municipal Employees (“AFSME”).  I am not a member…please, but am FORCED to pay my “fair share” to the organization.  I have to pay them one percent of my salary even though they DO NOT REPRESENT my views.  My money pays for this crap!  I know that they’ll argue that my money only goes to pay them to negotiate on my behalf…a function that I did not request.  The idiots forget that money is fungible and any money that I am FORCED to pay to an organization who supports views opposite of mine is criminal or it should be.  Actually they know that money is fungible…they are relying on the fact that public education has so eroded people’s understanding of economics that YOU won’t know.  They know!