Framing the Dialogue

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Caption This – It’s In the Pocket

Some pictures SCREAM for us to use our creativity.  In the Caption This series I’ll start it off and hopefully you’ll pitch in.

“You really do have big balls.”

“When I pledge “allegiance” I don’t say which flag”

“Why the frig are you wearing a red tie”

“So you say a credible source told you and Romney has to prove that he doesn’t beat his wife”

“No…beating his wife may be too extreme even for you Harry.”

“You had to pay full price and I got my suit half off because I am the Commander-In-Chief”

It’s All Bush’s Fault

BHO is still running against George W. Bush (“W”) though his pollsters seems to have convinced him not to use W’s name anymore.  It has, after all, been three and a half years the first two of which BHO had both houses of Congress and could have done anything he wanted.  Unemployment has been above eight percent for all of his presidency and job losses still outstrip job creation.  Even using fuzzy math and the trumpeting of the lame stream media news readers, the Demoncrats cannot convince people that their policies are working.  Under W we had near full employment yet there was, according to “leading economists” a recession while under BHO it feels a LOT like a recession, but it’s really not or so we’re told by folks a lot smarter than we…at least they say they’re smarter.

News Briefs – Nothing But the Half Truths

I am going to shock you…

  1. Politicians lie!
  2. The main stream (old media) covers for them…at least the Demoncrats.

Brief 1: July’s jobs report came out and Obama hit the stump bragging about how many private sector jobs were created that month.  Apparently we are heading in the right direction;

“That means that we’ve now created 4.5 million new jobs over the last 29 months, and 1.1 million new jobs so far this year. Those are our neighbors and family members finding work and the security that comes with work.”

A Storm of Swords

Book three of the Game of Thrones series has most of the combatants licking their wounds, but author George Martin offers little rest to his characters.  I thought with the title of A Storm of Swords the large battles would define the action as the many claims to the thrones fought to sort out the Seven Kingdoms.  Marting continues his format of following his main characters with their own chapters and like real life, no one is safe from the sword.  One surprise sequence really caught me by surprise and shocked me.  I actually had to read part of that chapter over to make sure that I understood what happened.

No Bias Here

So I see this blip on Yahoo about a 6-year-old who has a video that has gone viral. The young man offers numerous reasons NOT to vote to reelect President Obama. Being the Obama-lover that I’m NOT I tried to open the Yahoo link only to find it has no active link. It’s from YouTube so I saunter over there to pull up and watch the clip. I do a search for “6-year-old Bashing President Obama” as used in the Yahoo headline and I get these results…bashing Romney and a bunch of what I can only call pro Obama crap.