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Swift Kick – Part 2 AND Final (pray to God)

When I wrote the original swift kick back in July I chronicled my problem with a dying laptop, the purchase of a new one with software problems, and the miraculous return to life of my old PC. At the very end I mentioned that I had a flu bug, but was feeling better. “Not so fast,” fate told me as she had another kick in store for me.

Company Man

In Company Man we have Nick Conover who is a hometown boy who seems to have it all, great life, great wife, great kids, great job, and a community that loves him.  Author Joseph Finder guides us through the collapse of the man and in the end, well you’ll have to read the book.  Company Man has corporate intrigue, murder, betrayal, family strife, and a bit of romance.  Though the novel started a little slow for me it gradually pick up the pace and gripped me.  By the last two hundred pages I was glued to the book.

Black Like You

While I do not subscribe to the notion put forth in the New Yorker many years ago that Bill Clinton was the first “black” president I am not sure that Obama is either.  He does have black heritage, but he also has a strong white background.  According to the Pew Research Center, almost all (95%) of black voters cast their ballots for Obama.  Perhaps they they thought that they would fare better under his leadership.  After all they’ve been taught (indoctrinated) that whites/Republicans are against them.  The daft VP, Joe Biden, even had the audacity to suggest to a largely black crowd that “they’re [conservatives] are going to put y’all back in chains.”

Food For Thought

More gems from email friends.  When you get these we need to forward them to as many people as possible.











More Food For Thought tomorrow!

Black Site

I am enjoying the surge of novels by former special operations guys.  It is heartening to see the level of dedication that these men have for our freedom and our safety. Black Site is by former Delta Force commander, and author  Dalton Fury (not a bad last name for a special ops guy).  Fury introduces us to Kolt Raynor (AKA Racer) who is a down and out, former Delta team member who has the opportunity to right a wrong…sort of.  The novel is fairly suspenseful and action packed and Racer necessarily offs a bunch of bad guys.  Fury provides some insight into the means and methods of special operations forces and their strong bond toward each other.

Rules for Radical Conservatives

“Ivan is thrilled.  Mikhail is devastated.  All their lives, they have been equal, the way good Soviet Men should be.  They had nothing, and nothing is what they shared equally.  You could not have asked for a purer expression of true communism.  As Mikhail watches Ivan’s lot improve, he seethes.  He complains to the local soviet, but there’s nothing they can do, because even in the U.S.S.R., it’s not against the law to have a cow.  Mikhail briefly considers reporting his friend to the Cheka, but finally decides against it; after all, he’s not a bad man, just a poor man…he does something he’d almost forgotten how to do.  He prays…’All my life I have striven to be a good atheist and not believe in you.  But now, I humbly come to you directly.  Please, God, please hear my prayer.  Please make us equal again.’  For a moment all is silent.  Then, to his utter amazement, a voice emerges out of the clouds, a voice that only he can hear, ‘Mikhail,’ says God, ‘your prayers have been answered.  You shall be made equal again.’  Mikhail leaps to his feet in disbelief.  A look of transfigured radience plays across his noble Slavic peasant features.  He cannot believe his good fortune. ‘Oh good!’ he exclaims. ‘You’re going to kill Ivan’s cow!”

Take That

It is sometimes hard to be a conservative working in an industry that is dominated by liberals.  The attached screen print is from a  brief exchange with a liberal colleague who felt quite comfortable forwarding an email wishing, essentially, for the death of Rush Limbaugh.  Ordinarily I let these things slide, but not this time as you can see by me snappy reply.

We conservatives really need to start speaking up and LOUDLY.  We have been too timid while we grumble for a “true conservative” leader to do what we don’t do.  We need to start confronting liberals whenever they speak up – which is often and when they are wrong – which is always.  We need to become the irritating little shits like they are only we’ll, of course, be right.