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Devil’s Food Cake Murder

Another fine mess Hanna Swensen finds herself in when she finds…yes another dead body.  One might wonder why a small Minnesota town like Lake Eden has so many murders or one can just enjoy the mystery.  A murder once again has Ms. Swensen and her cohorts on the trail of the killer.  I think that this novel didn’t quite have a “novel” ending as the criminal was somewhat predictable.  As usual the intensity and intrigue isn’t part of the formula for the Devil’s Food Cake Murder, but it is a very enjoyable read.  I truly look forward to each new edition by Joanne Fluke.


For those of you who visit FramingTheDialogue for more than the opportunity to attempt to post spam, I had only really intended to take off about ten days, but fate has a funny way sometimes of kicking you in the “you know what’s” from time to time. I was going to say “nuts,” but female readers have really know personal knowledge of that intensity.

Like Father, Like Son

Robert Fulghum has been one of my favorite authors so I would naturally gravitate to a book written by his son. It’s tough, as the younger Fulghum would attest, to live up to the standard of one’s father and he like I falls a little short. Perhaps choosing not only your father’s profession (writing), but choosing his genre too (short, humorous stories about life) was too high a bar.