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There Should Be Investigations

No I’m not talking about the travesty that seems to be developing in Florida with the witch hunt and show trial of George Zimmerman.  Oh he may be guilty of many things…there has just not been enough “official” (i.e. real) facts that have come out into the public to convict him.  In this country, up until a few years ago, that was the role of our judicial system.  The investigations should be about how, under the Regime of Barack Obama, an American company that had been the biggest in the world has been overtaken by a Chinese company.

Diggin It

Sportin that fashionable bolo in first grade

When I was growing up I had this crazy aunt and uncle.  Aunt Georgean and Uncle Andy weren’t really crazy they just danced to a different drummer.  They drank, they were loud (at least she was), they laughed and were fun enough to make the more stoic in the family uncomfortable.  Aunt Georgean and Uncle Andy lived like in another country…Scottsdale Arizona.  I had no idea about Scottsdale, but I seem to remember that Uncle Andy had some health issues and the climate there was good for him.

Balance of Power

This is my first novel by James W. Huston and it certainly will not be my last.  I’d liken Balance of Power to a cross between John Grisham with the legal wrangling and Tom Clancy with his military insight and action.  The story begins when terrorists hijack an American merchant ship, the U.S. President acts passively, the Speaker of the House disagrees and the story’s hero and assistant to the Speaker finds a way to overide the Executive Office.  I found the novel extremely interesting and it was pretty much edge-of-my-seat towards the end.  In fact…don’t tell my boss, but I lost track of time yesterday at lunch and read past my lunch break.

Race Boys

Ladies and gentlemen…the “Race Reverends” are back…Louie, Jesse, and Al.  They’re back in the Twin Lakes community of Florida trying to stir things up after the shooting of the teenager.  The Race Revs must be eminently disappointed that the shooter wasn’t white and is in fact of Hispanic descent.  That doesn’t seem to have deterred the race-baiters and their comrades in hate.  According to these stellar citizens the jury has spoken and Mr. Zimmerman has been found guilty…


“Singularity – A life-altering moment, when machines first match, and then exceed, the finite limits of human intelligence…a rip in the fabric of current civilization. And it’s just around the corner.”

— Ted Bell

A rash of seemingly unconnected catastrophic events rock the United States and other parts of the world.  This Phantom menace has world leaders stumped until Alex Hawke returns as Ted Bell’s agent provocateur fighting the unknown and very powerful foe.  Phantom has all that you would expect from a Ted Bell  novel and Bell even delves into the realm of the science fiction a bit and Alex is faced with additional threats from some unsavory Russians as he protects his “family.”

Good For The Goose, But The Gander…Not So Much

The famous phrase of “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” offers a message of justice.  I started thinking about that in light of recent events in the world and was astounded at how many examples that I found where the goose is treated differently than the gander…especially in politics and the Obama Regime in particular.

A Little Laugh

This post is from a work friend who no longer works in the same office so I rarely see or hear from him.  Once in a while though he cheers me up with some funny email.  I hope you enjoy it also…

Then & Now

This was forwarded by a friend.  I have had to make some format changes and couldn’t help make a few comments of my own…

Here is our change from January 2009 to today!


After three years of Obama ….Here’s your change!

• Avg. Retail price/gallon gas in U.S.

2009: $1.83

Today: $3.44 (this was several weeks ago and the average price is over $4.00)

 • Crude oil, European Brent (barrel)

2009: $43.48

Today: $99.02

Double Eagle

Gold is worse poison to a man’s soul, doing more murders in this loathsome world, than any mortal drug.

– – William Shakespeare

The sudden and unexpected appearance of perhaps the rarest coin, the double eagle, leads FBI agent, Jennifer Browne, on a trail from Fort Knox to France and Turkey and many places in between.  In The Double Eagle the investigation dips into the seedy underworld of black market of stolen artifacts and brings Browne together with an elusive former CIA agent who now works as a specialist acquiring works of art.