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Update 4 – A Rough Pitch

The Pirates did the unthinkable in July and actually sat atop of the National League Central Division…for about a day. There was actually a buzz in Pittsburgh with our baseball team doing good things this late in the season. They promptly went on a 10 game losing streak. I had the pleasure of attended when they got blown out by the lowly San Diego Padres 13-2. Not a great game to watch, but it was really hot and humid too. The organization did, however, provide some entertainment as the group Train played a set and we were treated to Zambelli fireworks.

Chutzpah (chut-spə)

The dictionary defines Chutzpah as:

  1. Utter nerve; effrontery
  2. shameless audacity; impudence
  3. unbelievable gall; insolence; audacity
  4. the trait of being rude and impertinent; inclined to take liberties

Synonyms:  audaciousness, audacity, brashness, brass, brassiness, brazenness, cheek, cheekiness, effrontery, gall, nerve, nerviness, pertness, presumption, presumptuousness, sauce, sauciness, temerity

“Chutzpah,that quality which enables a man who has murdered his mother and father to throw himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan.”

— Oscar Levant

You Might Be A Zombie and Other Bad News

I would characterize this collection of “shocking but utterly true FACTS” a cross between one of those bathroom readers, Ripley’s believe it or not, and Mad Magazine (Sorry Cracked Magazine).  I grew up on both Cracked and Mad which might explain a lot about my psyche and why I liked this You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News: Shocking but Utterly True Facts by the editors of

There is a lot of humor;

“Back in 1993, PC Professional columnist Lisa Holst decided to prove that you could make up anything on the Internet and people would believe it.  She did this by putting together some utterly ridiculous ‘facts’…Holst’s email was forwarded from inbox to inbox.”

Diminishing Returns

Having a car that is nearly eight years old with almost 150,000 miles makes the annual inspection a likely costly adventure. My appointment was Monday so I dropped the car off Sunday night and anxiously awaited the news. I got the call in the early afternoon and Ed, our mechanic, started going through the list; A/C check, battery, tire rotation…little stuff really. Ed hesitated and I said “okay now for the bad news.” The bad news was repairs to the tune of $1,400 (a big part was brakes all around) and that my car would not be ready until the next evening. The real bad news is that Ed did some checking and told me that my vehicle is showing its age and miles. Some of the hidden stuff will probably need to be replaced next year and maybe I may not want to spend that kind of money. Essentially telling me that I’d be paying a lot more money for an old vehicle…or getting diminishing returns on my investment.

The OBA Administration

I’d like to suggest that the Obama Administration be renamed the OBA Administration or the Obama Back-Assward Administration.  When most of us have a problem we try to find and fix using logic.  For instance, my car was having some trouble starting so I had the battery and alternator checked.  If I were to act like the Obama Back-Assward Administration, I would probably have my key checked.  It would be funny except that these folks are “running” the country or should I say “ruining” the country…


The sequel to Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire completes the final chapters of Katniss Everdeen’s struggle in the Hunger Games. Katniss becomes the mockingjay as she again is pitted against an adult, complex world in which she is unfamiliar. Seeming at times like a puppet on a string except that she is never sure who is pulling on the strings and whether they have her best intentions in mind. In this novel, friends become foes and foes become friends…sort of…some of the time.

Catching Fire

This is the sequel to Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games and finds its unlikely hero Katniss Everdeen again thrust into the world of the games. Written from Katniss’ perspective, Catching Fire, is an exciting yet sad action story as this teenaged girl is exposed to things no adult should even have to face. We are kept guessing throughout the story about who is friend or foe and the Gamemakers have many surprises in store for the contestants. Add to the story the fact that the leaders of two rival factions seems to want to both use and kill Katniss.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I was shampooing my hair this morning and forgot how to do it so as luck would have it my bottle had directions.  The only problem is that I got stuck in a loop of lather,  rinse, repeat…lather, rinse, repeat…lather, rinse, repeat…. (you get the picture).  There is nothing on the directions about when to stop.  So I start thinking that since this seems to be happening with Obama’s economic policy maybe he lost the last page of his economic book and just doesn’t know where to stop.  I eventually ran out of shampoo and had to stop, but he has no “bottle” to empty.  When he runs out of our money, he just prints/borrows more.  Like my suds our money seems to be going down the drain.