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The Final Storm

It is just a coincidence that I finished this book on the anniversary of D-Day.  Although author Jeff Shaara’s novel is about the war in the Pacific there are strong parallels between the fight in Europe to the struggles of the soldiers and their leaders fighting the Japanese.  Though not as extensive an account as his trilogy about the war in Europe, The Final Storm gave me a strong sense of the brutality of the fight to defeat the Japanese.  The majority of the novel takes place as the American forces take Okinawa and the story is told through the eyes of participants; some famous and some not.  That is what makes Jeff Shaara’s novels so appealing.  He tells a great and compelling story with a strong historical perspective.

It’ll Help Seniors

There once was a story about a Gov. named Ed, poor Philadelphia man, mostly kept his state in red, then one day he was spendin’ out his a#%, and out from the ground game a hissin gas…Marcellus that is, natural gas, Pennsylvania cash…

If it helps that introduction sort of goes with the Beverly Hillbillies theme song [a show on TV Land for those of you under forty]. 

…In Spamalot!

Here we are a full 10,000 spams since my last spam post…milestones!  I hope that you enjoy these interesting/weird messages I get with spam.  As long as spammers post silly spam I will share with you their insights, poor English, compliments, and their attempts to lure me into their porn sites.  This collection is the best(or worst) of the best from Akismet’s 10,000 caught spam since my last 5,000 caught spam and in order to  maintain my journalistic integrity, I don’t embellish or fix their spelling; that also makes it easier to make fun of them.  I got the title from this picture I found when “researching” my last spam post.  I love Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

The BIG Black Lie

“I gave him the challenge that I give to all Democrats. If a Democrat can name one thing specific to Democrats that has improved the lives of black people and justified blacks voting 94% Democrat for the last five decades, then I will pay his monthly mortgage payment once for each issue on which he is right. For the record, I have made this bet with Democrats from all walks of life, including political science professors, and have yet to pay a mortgage.”

AP – Dems = Good, GOP = Bad

There are far too many examples of lame-stream media outlets subtle and more often overt characterization of GOP as greedy corporate shills while Democrats are looking to save the world.

Part 1: The latest example is regarding Michelle Obama’s foray into the business of public school lunch programs. I am not sure where in the Constitution that the federal government has the authority to tell some local school district what to do about school lunches, but according to the way the Associated Press tells it,

“House Republicans are pushing back against Obama administration efforts to promote healthier lunches…Republicans say the rules are too costly.”

Parse-imony – Karzai

In “Parse-imony” I break down current news stories with my pithy, running commentary…

First the headline:

Karzai demands that NATO halt airstrikes

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan President Hamid Karzai, angered by an airstrike that Afghan officials said killed 14 civilians during the weekend, demanded on Tuesday that the U.S.-led coalition halt aerial strikes on Afghan houses and threatened to take unspecified actions if the coalition doesn’t comply. [when one doesn’t possess a “big stick” or any stick for that matter it is best to leave out the specifics.]