Framing the Dialogue

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Fee Fi Foe Fraud

Here is a headline that unveils a basic tenant of ALL elected officials.  Their goal, both Democrats and Republicans, is to find a way to get our money so they can lavish it onto their constituents…

Fox Hunt

Perhaps there is no greater proof that talk radio host and Fox News personality Glenn Beck has uncovered the truth and exposed much of the inner workings of the George Soros project.  Like a spoiled child the left doesn’t like when it’s own tactics (read Alinsky) are used against them.  Glenn Beck has perhaps mastered the techniques and has enough dedicated staff to take on the Soros machine; additionally Beck admits to his desire to expose the left and does not fear losing anything.  He is very dangerous to the left as a crusader for what’s right.

Funding Kerflufle

As TEA party, conservative (and even Andrew Cuomo) governors take swings at trying to prevent their states from bankruptcy all options to balance budgets are on the table. Unfortunately for many previously “favored” programs raising taxes in a crippled economy will not go over well with the voters and so axes are swinging toward their tax dollars or teat if you wish.

The Right Thing

Imagine that you have a career and it’s moving forward much to your liking and after twenty years things are going well and the future seems bright.  You have a bright future and an opportunity comes up to help your organization and you jump on it enthusiastically and your boss decides to attend your presentation.  In your desire to show off your product to potential investors/funders you act a little impetuous and make a simple yet serious mistake to the detriment of your organization and it essentially ends your career.