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The Big Dirt Nap

It isn’t hard to imagine what the drama in Rosemary Harris’ second thriller featuring Paula Holliday is going to be.  The Big Dirt Nap takes Holliday on a short trip to meet up with a friend and write an article about a rare titan arum (Corpse Flower) on display at a resort.  Her friend is late, she meets an unsavory character, the hotel seems bursting with secrets and Holliday is thrust into the middle of another police investigation. 

Deal Breaker

Sometimes when you shop for books in the bargain section of HalfPrice Books the selection may be a little old though the quality can still be there.  Harlan Coben introduced his hero Myron Bolitar in this book in 1995. Bolitar is operating a fledgling sports agent agency and runs into a controversy (murder?) regarding his highest profile client, an ex-girlfriend and some rather unsavory characters.

While Deal Breaker is a mystery there isn’t all that much drama/suspense, but it did what all good stories do…it kept me up late finishing it.  That is, by my definition, a good story as you I have come to expect from Coben.  Some of the material in the book would not be suitable for youngsters so don’t let Junior read this!

Headline Humor – Volume VI

I know many of these stories are serious, but the headlines removed the restrain from my brain and we get headline humor. These are the actual headlines as I found on-line. When you click on the headline you will be taken to the original story which more often than not has nothing to do with my vision of the headline.

Combat troops to get gay sensitivity training

Bill Would Ban Human Cloning In Minnesota


The "Rave" (ing lunatic), The Slave (according to him), and the Knave

Vikings’ Adrian Peterson compares NFL to ‘modern-day slavery’

The Starfish and the Spider

It is rare that I find a short, well-written, interesting, and informative book that I can read in one sitting.  Thanks to authors Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom for achieving that goal with The Starfish and the Spider.  Brafman and Beckstrom make a strong case for the positive aspects of leaderless organizations (the Starfish) as opposed to more traditional top down entities (the Spiders).  In a nutshell when you lop the “head” off of a spider it is dead, however when you try the same with a starfish you find there is no head and if you cut it up you end up with more starfish.   Starfish are decentralized.

Travel Treasure – The Original Oyster House

There are still a few iconic restaurants in Pittsburgh that I enjoy. They are not the fancy, five-star tablecloth joints, but the kind of places that attract all types of people. Karma led me to one today that I had not been to in probably a decade. I had the dubious task of getting tires on one of our company vehicles. There were some “issues” with what work needed to be done and since our service approvals are centralized I was captive until the issue was resolved and the repairs complete.

Known and Unknown

I debated whether to read Donald Rumsfeld’s memoir and passed it several times as it laid on display at Costco.  I think like many people I was tired of hearing about the Bush Administration and wanted to look forward to 2012 rather than rehash the past.  Obviously I relented and I was very surprised at the long and varied career of Mr. Rumsfeld.  His story chronicles some of the seminal events in American history and he often had a front row seat which helps explain some of the vitriol spewed at him over the last few years. 

Parse-imony – Drug Deaths

In “Parse-imony” I break down current news stories with my pithy, running commentary…

First the headline:

DEA seizes key execution drug in Ga.

ATLANTA – The Drug Enforcement Administration confirmed Tuesday that the agency seized Georgia’s supply of a key lethal injection drug because of questions about how the stockpile was imported to the U.S. [using the term “seized” conjures up an image of Janet Reno’s automatic weapon bearing agents breaking down doors and “seizing” a young Elian Gonzalez to return him to communist Cuba]

Sun’s Free

One of the things that I hope to accomplish with FramingTheDialogue is to link news stories and try to show their connection and often contradictions.  It is surprising, but not unusual to find more than one article on a related topic in different sections of the newspaper.  The most recent were two articles about CFL/Incandescent light bulbs that I wrote about in Watt TF.  Recently the following three articles were available on the same day though I cannot remember whether they were available on the same media outlet. 

Update Watt TF

If you are tired about bulbs don’t watch the video. If you are tired about busy body (nanny state) government/NGO (non-government organizations) telling you how to live, what you can buy, and what you can eat you probably feel like Rand Paul as he cordially unleashes on some Obama wonk. You have to watch her try to respond where you can see the snarkiness barely controlled in her demeanor (how dare some bumpkin from Kentucky question me?).

You can read the original post here.

Label This

“We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.”

Nancy Pelosi

Apparently “what’s in it” is the magical wish list of every left-leaning, nanny-stating organization in the country.  Be warned when nanny-staters are looking out for your health because it is likely to hit you in your wallet.  The latest serious issue that they want to save you from is your theater popcorn.  That’s right!  You might be shocked to learn that movie theater popcorn is loaded with salt, fat, and calories.  Even washing it down with a Diet Coke (or Diet Pepsi if that is your preference) will not take the bulge away.  Fear not as there are several groups who are using provisions of Obamacare to shed light on your popcorn.  Hallelujah!  Amen!  You’ll be eating cardboard-tasting theater snacks before you know it.   Hot dogs are also on the list of items that will require a label.