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The Last Patriot

Brad Thor has brought us Scot Harvath meets The DaVinci Code in this thriller.  The Last Patriot still pits the United States against islamist extremists, but President Rutledge has taken the fight to the base of the Muslim issue…The Koran.  While Harvath doesn’t quite give up exotic weaponry, stealthy operations, or enhanced interrogation, he is more concerned with ancient literature, Don Quixote, wooden puzzle boxes and Thomas Jefferson.

What A Rangeled Web We Weave

There can be perhaps no more stark example than Charles Rangel (DEMOCRAT – NY) of what is wrong with large government excess perpetrated by bureaucrats who are allowed to spend far too much time in “public service.”  After 2½ years of investigations the House Ethics Committee found Charles Rangel (DEMOCRAT – NY) guilty of 11 of 16 charges against him.  The charges included:

  1. Personally sought donations from registered lobbyists whose corporations had business before Congress. In some cases, Mr. Rangel asked for contributions of as much as $30 million from businesses with issues before the Ways and Means Committee, of which he was the chairman until March,

Raised Catholic

If you are like me and you shop the bargain bins at book stores, flea markets, and book trains you sometimes come across an older book that catches your eye.  Raised Catholic was such a book for me.  I have read a few of these “catholic” books over the years and have found them to be funny, but felt that they dwelt too long some of the corporal issues relating to how discipline was handled in our schools.  I expected pretty much the same from author Ed Stivender, pictured here on the book cover with a yard stick, a popular “tool” used to deliver the aforementioned punishment.

Travel Treasure – Desert Flower

I have had many occasions recently to travel along Lincoln’s Highway (Rt. 30) on my way to visit Gettysburg.  I love the history of the place and have been taken with the majesty of the battlefield for the past ten years and probably haven’t seen every monument yet. 

There is this place west of Gettysburg on Route 30 that has this huge rooster that I’ve always admired.  When you look at the other statues they are to scale, but that rooster is something else.  I have always threatened my wife that I was going to buy that for our yard.  It makes me smile every time that I drive by…I don’t know why exactly; it just looks fun.  I have probably driven past Desert Flower Wholesale, Inc. at least fifty times and beside my rooster buddy it more or less looked like any other yard monuments store, although tremendously larger.

United Against U.S. Nations

The United Nations was founded in 1945 against the backdrop of World War II and had lofty goals to ease international disputes, provide security, improve economic development and improve human rights.  There are few who would argue against these goals even today, but did the United Nations experiment deliver?  It delivered, but not really on any of those promises.  Here we are 65 years later and the world has many disputes, security seems to be worse, we are in a severe economic downturn, and the UN is attacking the United States for human rights violations.

Just One Look

I am not sure what the title of Harlan’s book has to do with the story, but his titles are perhaps the greatest in the suspense genre.  In Just One Look , housewife Grace Lawson’s life is turned upside down by a photograph that was slipped to her.  Her husband disappears, strange characters return from her tragic past, and she feels threatened for her and her children’s safety.  Oh and the police don’t seem to want to help.  And there is an oriental super villain thrown in for good measure.

Early Warning

Michael Walsh’s follow-up to his thriller, Hostile Intent, brings back NSA super agent code named Devlin.  America is attacked again and Devlin is called upon to help subdue the bad guys and by subdue I mean kill.  That’s the ultimate in subdue.  There is the usual wanton violence by sadistic terrorists and there are places for you to cheer for the good guy, but Early Warning left me flat for a number of reasons. 

After the Dust Settled

Now that the dust has settled from the November 2 mid-term elections it is interesting how the left/progressives/liberals/Democrats are behaving.  The media has grabbed the horn by the bull and proclaimed that the results were not a repudiation of Obama’s policies by the American people, was not about Obamacare (it is interesting that this label has stuck), was not a victory for the Tea Party, or the American electorate is just too stupid except where favored Democrats were re-elected.  So why did the Democrats lose so badly?  Some of the themes center around voter stupidity, racism, Obama being too centrist (WTF), and my favorite…Fox News.  Scott Spiegel listed the “Top 10 excuses” at NewsRealBlog. 

Hostile Intent

Perhaps the best way to describe this book is to use the blurb from the back cover;

“Only one man can stop them.  Code named Devlin, he exists in the blackest shadows of the United States government – operating off the grid as the NSA’s top agent.  He’s their most lethal weapon…and their most secret.  But someone is trying to draw him out into the open by putting America’s citizens in the crosshairs – and they will continue the slaughter until they get what they want.”